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5/31/13 2:19 P

emoticon Everyday is a new day...hope you are still enjoying SP. emoticon

JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,596
7/15/12 8:44 P

Linda, what matters is that you don't quit. Make up your mind to stay with it. Read "The BECK DIET SOLUTION" by Judith Beck, PhD as she teaches how to THINK like a THIN person. We have a Team here for support. I got her book at the library. It is a six week course.

I found Roby Mitchell, M.D. to be of great help. His web site is at
He had advanced prostrate cancer and treated himself with diet and exercise and I found him when my then 24 yos had Testicular Cancer. Dr. Mitchell is 54 and a very interesting man. He graduated from Texas Tech Medical School and has a PhD as well.

TELERN711 SparkPoints: (3,341)
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7/15/12 5:53 P

My plan: Login to Sparkpeople daily
Keep tracking record for accountability
weigh myself weekly (I need to lose 50 lbs)
eating more fruits and veggies and staying away from "white food" (potatoes, milk, rice, bread, and ?)
increasing my protien intake
exercising more
Sounds like a plan......but I usually don't stick to anything for more than a couple of weeks. I need accountability and support from others. Thanks for your reply, Luann

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,450
7/15/12 4:56 P

Hello TELERN711!

So what's your plan?

7/15/12 10:25 A

It doesn't matter how many times you start again, just so you do start again. I went through it at 40, 50, and now I'm 60.


TELERN711 SparkPoints: (3,341)
Fitness Minutes: (4,973)
Posts: 12
7/13/12 1:32 P

Here it is Friday the 13th and I need to get back on board. I am sick and tired of being fat and frustrated. I know the best thing to do is to keep a journal and I will start with this today. Thanks to the sponsers who keep this website going and thanks to all of you for being here. I read a few of the blogs and am encouraged by them. I'm so frustrated with myself, my progress is a yo-yo & roller coaster put together with dieting and exercising. Now that I am in the "over 50's" it's even harder to take the weight off. I need your help and hopefully will help others with my journey. Here we go! Good luck and keep moving......Linda

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