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7/30/13 11:45 P

I would go for the Buffalo Chicken burger, keep the cheese and bacon, ditch the bun and get the ranch on the side.

Either that, or I would get a bison burger -ketchup, mustard, onion and pickle and keep the bun.

7/30/13 10:19 P

I would consider a chicken burger, maybe even the buffalo chicken burger without bacon or cheese (I would want the ranch on the side and use it sparingly). Or a buffalo burger - my experience has been that it's less fatty than beef (4 oz raw 152 cals 3.5 g fat). Personally, I would figure at least 550 calories for either of the sandwiches with the rolls. I found several entries for chicken burgers or buffalo burgers in the tracker, I usually peruse the other entries and look for a common ground (I also tend to use an overestimate over an underestimate for the calories and fat). Enjoy your time with friends.

7/30/13 9:20 P

Friends are taking us out tomorrow night to thank us for plantsitting. We are going to a local restaurant that, of course, does not have nutritional info. Here is their menu: What should I order? And what should I assume nutritional damage is? I tried to search the nutrition tracker for grass-fed beef to get an idea of calories per ounce (in thinking about the "basic" burger with no mayo or cheese), and all of the entries varied widely. There are some salad options. Help!

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