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4/14/13 2:26 P

if you create a recipe on Sparkrecipes (by either going to, or by accessing it from the "access recipe calculator" from the Recipes tab on your nutrition tracker), and you create and SAVE a recipe there.... it will show up forevermore, on your nutrition tracker recipes tab (click on "shared recipes" - even if you didn't "share" it - and you'll see an alphabetical drop-down list showing all the recipes you created). Or you can go to and you will find the recipes you input under "My Recipe Box." From there, if you want to, you can edit, delete, or "share recipe with others."

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4/14/13 9:30 A

Add your recipe/meal to recipes. Then load it from recipes to your tracker.

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4/14/13 5:29 A

I'm not sure I understand what you mean, so I hope my answer addresses your question properly.

I bulk cook meals, cakes, pizza etc. What I do is weigh all the ingredients and write it down. Then when I am finished, I divide it by the number of portions and enter that into a meal. Then I click on "Create Group" that is in that meal. (Make sure that there is nothing else added to that meal first, like perhaps a drink, etc.) I name it and date it for easy identification, and then save. (When I want it the next time I go into "Groupings" and add it from there.) After that process is done, I add the rest of what I want for the meal.

Hopefully this is what you are wanting.

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4/14/13 5:06 A

Hello Sparkers. I made double of a recipe, because it was too fiddley to make one portion. Is there anyway of swapping a meal for a whole recipe? I could not find the recipe in the recipe book, but even when I found something similar there wasn't an option to 'add whole meal' or similar. Is there a way to do this? Apart from that, I love this whole program! Well even with that - would just be handy.

Just found 'add recipe to tracker' on other recipes, but still can't find the recipe I made yesterday. Improvised!

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