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4/30/14 12:20 P

I'm impressed you log everything so well! I write everything on my phone on the weekends but rarely take the time to put it in spark. Weekdays are so much easier for me.

PFERG66 Posts: 2,300
4/30/14 12:10 P

THANK YOU! It's amazing where my "blind spots" are! This is the kind of help I am looking for! emoticon

4/30/14 11:57 A

It doesn't appear you are going over in fats!
Looking at your tracker it looks like the crinkle cut crisps area big contributor. I just scanned a couple of days looking for higher numbers. Another idea is to avoid sausage and choose a lean meat instead.

Do you measure out things like butter? On your fish recipe, you have 1.5 tbsps of butter and another 1.5 tbsp of mayo. A small tweak to poach the fish or cook it with half the amount of butter and to use half the mayo or use a light mayo in a recipe would also put you at the lower range.

PFERG66 Posts: 2,300
4/30/14 11:18 A

I love my nutrition tracker! It has helped me to see that most of the time my fat percentage at the end of the day is too high. I don't eat fried stuff and rarely add oils or butter. I really want to tweak this number--any ideas?

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