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12/3/11 3:16 P

IVYLASS-- Probably the same reason some people can sit down and eat an entire bag of chocolate chips or a heaping portion of potato chips. I can relate, there's something about cool whip or canned whipped cream that is addicting to me-- it is definitely one of my trigger/binge foods. Maybe it's all of the sugar and fat. I could easily see myself eating a whole can of reddi whip over the course of a couple hours, those little shots to the mouth really add up over time! hah. Hence why I don't buy it anymore.

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12/1/11 9:04 P

Why would you eat a whole can?

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12/1/11 10:02 A


You ate it. You log it. You move on with life. You can't beat yourself up every time you have a lapse. These thing are going to happen. The key to long term good health (and weight loss) is having these lapse be few and far between.

What to do ? Today, you eat a little more mindfully. Maybe you eat a couple extra servings of fresh fruit and veggies. And when we feel an urge to have some Reddi Whip, how about putting a small portion on top of a BIG bowl of whatever fresh fruit you have. Take your pick strawberries, blueberries, cantaloupe, pineapple, apples, etc...

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11/30/11 9:38 P

we all break down at sometime. One of the professors at my work brought in candy for the office to share (3people) the three of us finished off the bag of mini hershey bars, milk and dark chocolate, krackles and goodbars. I was however pleased that i only had 8 peices (serving size 5, 210 cal)


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11/30/11 9:31 P

Brush yourself off and resolve to make a better choice next time.

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11/30/11 7:08 P

Uck. I just ate a whole can of spray fat free reddi whip. The 185 calories were not the biggest issue, but the 37 grams or whatever it was of sugar is (it says less than one gram. Ya, like that matters). I am too tired to care at this very second. Just getting it off my chest (or gut as it were) emoticon

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