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BECCADION Posts: 410
5/11/11 12:59 P

I haven't had any trouble for a while, and I really think it's because of the icing helping keep the inflammation down till I get stronger. A good ice pack isn't a bad thing to have in your home anyway, you never know when you will need it. You can get ones that double as hot/cold packs.

TBSMITH10 Posts: 36
5/11/11 11:06 A

Thanks RNSNOW. I don't have the best ice pack, but hated to buy one hoping this was temporary. I think I will get one today. I guess I just need to be more consistent with the icing. Do you continue to have them? I have tried different shoes, watching form and still can't seem to kick them. I have been running for almost three years, so not sure why the sudden flare up. Thanks again.

BECCADION Posts: 410
5/11/11 10:47 A

One tip - I know I am very prone to shin splints, one thing my chiropractor recommended is that I ice my shins after every run regardless of if they are sore or not. I have been doing that and found it a big help.

TBSMITH10 Posts: 36
5/11/11 10:34 A

Thanks, that was a great article.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,451
5/11/11 10:25 A

You might find the article on shin splints at
of interest.


TBSMITH10 Posts: 36
5/11/11 10:11 A

So I have wanted to try our local 10k for some time now to see if I was up to the challenge. I have run the 5k several times and made ok time (29 and 33 minutes). At this point I am not trying to be the fastest I just want to finish. For the last month or so I have been bouncing back and forth with shin splints. It took this long to get it in my head that after they are healed going back the next day running my normal mileage is a no-no. So my question is this: Since I have not been able to adequately train for the 10k should I go ahead as planned and run it knowing that I will probably have to walk some of it? Really disappointing thinking about not going for it.

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