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1/24/13 8:50 A

if you use less salt, you enter how much you used, not how much called for.
i think one of the things with starting out tracking is that you spend the first three weeks doing a lot of boring data entry to make sure you are tracking what you are actually using. then it gets easier and quicker because you have most of the things that you use frequently already in there and you might only be adding one or two things here and there.
if you don't want to put in the effort to do this, there isn't anything that i can say to fix that. you do it or you don't, sorry to be so blunt. but part of all the data entry is learning what you're eating and how it fits in with the rest of what you are eating. if you just click on something, there isn't any sort of acknowledgement or retention that can happen. whereas if you enter in two sticks of butter for a recipe that only has 9 servings, with only a small amount of investigation you can find out that each serving has 177 cals of butter alone. and that's one way that you learn to modify your foods and choices. seeing that one big number among all the smaller ones makes it easier to figure out what you need a replacement or smaller portion for.
you may be able to do this without tracking, but if you can't then you need to spend the time putting in the data for what you use and where you are. or the alternate would be to stay overweight and grow from there.

if you eat out and the restaurant has nutrition info posted or online, you copy it down and enter it as a food. the link to manually enter foods is right by the search button on the tracker. you can also search to see if someone else has already entered it [though do be wary as many users seem to be very poor data enterers]. and if you can't get any info, you make the best guess possible. odds are your local pizza joint doesn't have nutrition info available. but odds are you have eaten at pizza hut or domino's or sbarro's or somewhere that has info available. so go by portions. in general. the bigger the portion, the more calories. go by the greasiness, if it's greasier, you should go a little higher. i have a local pizza place that has portions about the same as domino's, but it is much less greasy. so since the slices are the same, i tend to enter a single slice of their pizza as .67 or .75 of domino's. i go by the best information i have available and keep my guess as accurate as i can.

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1/24/13 8:37 A

It is tedious but it's beneficial knowing how many calories are in the recipes you make. After you do it for awile it's less daunting, and then if you make it again but make some changes in the recipe, you can go back in and make necessary changes. For eating out, chain restaurants post their nutrition info online so you can look there and enter the nutrition info as "enter a food that's not listed." And for local restaurants, try to find a dish similar dish from chain restaurants and use that nutrition info so that you have a ballpark estimate. Buffets are tough, do your best to practice portion control. Fill half your plate with fresh veggies

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1/24/13 7:53 A

Thanks. However, some of the recipes I modify too(cut back on the salt etc), and have alot of ingredients. I use alot of stuff from Rachel Ray, Paula Deen among others. I find it daunting to have to enter every single ingredient, which keeps me from doing it. I would prefer to find and

Also, how do I log food if I eat out? Or at a buffet or something?

NIRERIN Posts: 14,302
1/24/13 7:49 A or you can find the link under articles and videos. you enter in the ingredients and all of the quantities, then the number of servings and it gives you the nutrition information. keep in mind that you want to make sure you aren't sharing copyrighted recipes.

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1/24/13 7:36 A

Hi All

I have a question. How to you log foods that you make from recipes? Ex: last night I made a stir fry (not very good) lol that had alot of different foods in it? Or if I make something from like Rachel Ray or anyone etc? That is where I find most difficultly so I don't log my food.

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