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12/13/13 7:27 P

Unfortunately, the best thing to do is to continue seeing a health professional in person to help you through recovery. I understand that you aren't able to afford it at this time, but these types of things are not something that just goes away on their own. So when you can, I would recommend looking into getting help in person. Perhaps you can see if there is another person you can see that may be less expensive and be able to work with you to set up a better payment system.

With that said, I would recommend the website, , which is a recovery site and has some helpful information.

We also have these articles that you may find helpful:

There are also some SparkTeams on here that you may want to join and participate in to get support from others trying to recover. Here are a couple that I found:

Coach Denise

SDAWNW Posts: 28
12/13/13 6:58 P

Hello. I'm sorry as this may end up being mostly a rant. But I feel so helpless and stuck and I need some help. I've been battling eating disorders since I was fifteen. I say that as plural because I've been everywhere from starving top binging and everything in between. Twice I was better. But here I am again. I'm gaining weight and hate it bit feel like I have no control. I ask myself how I can live like this while I sit on my butt and pig ouy on junk food. You'd think it would be easy to just stop eating or just start working out but its not.
I started seeing someone for my disorder but it only helped so much and I had to stop going because I couldn't afford it. I'm sorry to sound so negative and dramatic but please... does anyone have any advice? I feel like I can't pull myself out of this this time. emoticon

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