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11/2/12 8:17 P

Thank you. So, the drop in appetite probably was a function of age instead of the change in brand of milk products. Whatever the reason, I am grateful for the change.

11/1/12 8:33 P

You can not completely avoid the hormone, Bovine Somatotropin---for it is a natural part of milk production by a cow and therefore is in dairy products. It is involved in milk production by the cow.

What you have done is selected a milk that is advertising that it does not use milk from cows that were given hormone shots of BST to make the cow give even more milk.

There is not research to make a connection that the amount of BST in milk affects hunger and satiety and one's appetite. I doubt that this is the case with your situation.

And finally--BST is used very little in the US. In my area of Indiana, the 2 largest milk companies all use milk from dairy farms where BST shots are not used---however, they do not place a BST-free label on their milk. So you may have not been using BST milk all along. Contact your local milk company to check on this practices in your area if you want the specifics of what you were drinking.

SP Dietitian Becky

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11/1/12 1:52 P had just about all the answers I was looking for. Wow.

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In my area I use Prairie Farms milk because it does not have the growth hormone. I also try to look for products without it. I have heard that these growth hormones are the reason our children are hitting puberty earlier. I do not know if that is true or not. I also believe these growth hormones also make us fatter because they are used to fatten the animals. I look for chicken and beef that do not use hormones as well.

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11/1/12 10:14 A

About 6 months ago I began using Braum's milk, even though I don't like its taste as well as I do some other brands that are on sale in this area. I began using it to avoid the growth hormone, and I have come to try to get all my dairy products from Braums because I want to avoid the growth hormone. That's about the same time I noticed a decrease in my appetite. At the time I chalked it up to age, but now I'm thinking differently. Has anyone had a similar experience? Also, any knowledge about rBGH, the growth hormone given many dairy herds to increase milk production, would be appreciated.

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