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NIRERIN Posts: 14,325
4/13/11 4:58 P

make tomorrow's dinner tonight. in other words do all the prep, all the cooking [but maybe the last finish it off bit] after the kids go to bed, let it cool, pop it in the fridge and all you have to do is reheat when you get home.
then after dinner, make the next's night's again.

JMORSE30 Posts: 170
4/13/11 2:55 P

I have the same problem plus a toddler who demands my evenings since she hasn't seen me all day. One of my favorite meals is chicken cacciatore. If you cut up the chicken in pieces, it only takes a few minutes to cook and then you can add tomatoes, tomato sauce, mushrooms, chicken broth and seasonings. It cooks in the skillet for about 30 minutes while you do other things. At the end of cooking time, you can boil some whole wheat pasta and add a veggie and you've got a healthy, easy dinner.
I also love the steamable veggies that you can just throw in the microwave in the bag and they taste like fresh.

CHOCOCOYOTE SparkPoints: (0)
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4/13/11 1:50 P

I cook on sunday. I make lots of things I can freeze, so i always have a chili, or some spaghetti sauce, or a meatloaf I can eat without much hastle.

I often call hubby who gets home an hour earlier than I , and ask him to put a frozen homemade meat loaf in the ovan, and then like others said, add some quick veg. I buy frozen veg to keep on hand, in case i don't want to cook

-POOKIE- Posts: 22,528
4/13/11 1:13 P

I agree with the making of your own frozen dinners and just add something fresh to them each night, like some quick simple to cook vegetables.

JANEY102482 Posts: 393
4/13/11 12:33 P

I've started making my own frozen dinners, and that's helping a lot. I'll cook several portions of a healthy meal, weigh it, and freeze it. I also label it so I know what the quantity and contents are so I can count them correctly. Then when I get home I can just pop it in the microwave and I've got a meal ready to go.

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LEFTOVERS4LUNCH SparkPoints: (0)
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4/13/11 12:00 P

Haha, I was going to suggest crockpot, casseroles and cooking on the weekends but it looks like that is all covered! You can prep casseroles in advance and have hubs throw it in the oven for you. I also like to make big batches of rice or quinoa or something on the weekend so that was during the week I can do a quick and easy stir-fry and just reheat the rice. I have a lot of easy 1-pot meals on my blog but I'm at work right now so I can't pull off specific ones for you but feel free to take a gander.

THEPIA Posts: 300
4/13/11 11:56 A

check out for some crock pot and casserole ideas. About every other month I stock up on 8x8 freezer dishes and make about 10-20 casseroles, just depending on what will fit in my freezer at the time. All I have to do is set one out in the morning before work and pop it in the oven when I get home. Then I let it cook while I walk the dogs or clean up or take a shower, etc.
My personal favorites are mexican chicken and rice casserole and cheesy chicken and broccoli

BEARCLAW6 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/13/11 11:56 A

Darn, I was going to suggest you get a crock pot, but I see you already know that trick!

Another thing that might work is to make a lot of something on Sunday and use the leftovers on Tuesday or Wednesday. Another thing that has worked for me is to basically have chicken for dinner on the weekend and then make soup out of the leftovers that warm up easily during the week.

MOMMYRUNMOMMY SparkPoints: (7,964)
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4/13/11 11:52 A

I'm sure I'm not alone in this. Weeknights can be overwhelming after a long commute, then trying to spend time with kids and making a healthy dinner and get them to bed at a reasonable hour. What meals so you make that are healthy, quick and your family love?

My hubby can cook and is willing, which is awesome,but his skills are limited. I'm trying to come up with some new quick easy meals either of us can make that the whole family can eat. Since I've been in my weightloss journey started I have been cooking separate meals for myself on the weekends to eat all week, but its getting old. I want to be able to eat with my family.

My current go to healthy meal is crockpot chicken tacos (jar of salsa + 3 chicken breasts in crock pot for 8 hours). They're great, but getting boring.

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