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4/22/13 2:46 P

WE love our reel mower. It is great on grass but will not cut any weeds. Good luck

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4/22/13 2:43 P

emoticon for the replies & advice on upkeep & use.

I'm going to buy one this weekend. DH keeps trying to tell me I won't use's too difficult...blah, blah, blah. But *I* am the one who would cut the entire lawn with the push mower. He's the one who will only use a riding lawn mower (and says he's worn out from that activity).

I like to keep moving & usually take the 'long way around' daily physical activities to get in a little more exercise during my non-gym time, ya know? DH leans more to the couch potato side, so to him...a reel mower is just INSANITY.

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4/22/13 8:34 A

We have an ancient reel mower that I use once in a while to mow the flat area just behind my house. I found it under an old shed, had to cut some brush to get it out and it still cut just fine! We have a rider for the bigger parts of the yard and a gas non self propelled push mower that I use for hillsides and most of the back yard. We mow a couple of acres so a reel mower would be a challenge. If you hit a twig you come to an abrupt stop!

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4/22/13 8:27 A

I love my reel mower, but it's true that you can't let the grass get out of hand or the mower isn't effective. Make sure you grease the fittings every year, and oil the blades. You can sharpen the blades with a file, but it's time-consuming.

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4/21/13 9:24 P

emoticon for the info. I knew it's better to not let the lawn get too out of hand. I didn't know about picking up sticks. But the dogs will be happy to help with that!

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4/21/13 7:55 P

I have used a reel mower for about 5 years now. I have about 1/2 an acre to mow. The front yard is pretty easy, as there are not many trees in the front yard. My back yard is pretty wooded, so it can get a little difficult because of tree roots and sticks everywhere. You have to make sure you get all the stick out of the way before you try to mow.

I haven't ever sharpened my blades - I know I should, but I just never seem to get around to it. I do spray them with WD40 after each use.

You have to be diligent because if you let the grass get too high, it is extremely difficult to mow with the reel mower. The reel mower is also better for the grass, and results in a much healthier looking, greener lawn. It's awesome exercise, too.

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4/21/13 5:36 P

some background info:
our property is less than 1 acre; the back part is wooded; once you subtract out the area covered by the house and a huge pine island in the front yard, we don't have that much to mow.

I can count on DH to mow the lawn about every other month (NOT satisfactory!) I never use the riding mower. I used a push mower when I would cut the grass (I wanted the exercise), but my old reliable push mower finally died for good.

so I was thinking about a reel mower. Once DH gets the grass cut, I figure I can keep it cut using a reel mower. The dogs wouldn't have to be stuck in the house (and one gets really nervous even inside the house when DH is using the mower), it's better for the environment, and I'd get some exercise.

for those of you who've used a reel mower, would you recommend it for my situation? How difficult is it to keep the blades sharp?


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