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2/28/12 10:18 P

The sources I'd suggest have already been mentioned. One suggestion I have is to check out your local library. I did that for a lot of cookbooks. For example, I ended up buying Veganomicon after getting it from the library. One other book is Appetite for Reduction by the same author.

Another suggestion is to find some sources of vegan nutritional guidance, either online or at the library (or bookstore).

Also, consider if there is anything you're currently making that would be easy to veganize? I make a lot of veg chili, jambalaya, soups and stews this time of year because they are so hearty and so easy to veganize.

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2/28/12 12:44 P

My first vegan cookbook was Skinny B*tch. I love it but some of the ingredients aren't so common in every grocery store. But if you go to the PETA website they have a lot of recipes. Along with

Let us know how you like being a vegan!!! Or if you need any support :)

2/28/12 10:55 A

Supermarket Vegan is a fabulous cookbook. I have it and the Veganomicon but I always end up going back to Supermarket Vegan for the simplicity in the recipes and the lack of hard to find ingredients.

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2/28/12 10:46 A

Sparkpeople just published an ebook of vegan recipes. It's available on Amazon for $2.99.

2/28/12 9:06 A

Thank you all for your help! I really appreciate it!

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2/28/12 8:57 A

Here are several of my favorites:

Moussaka (really easy but takes some time to make due to all the slicing):

Chickpea cutlets (really good on a bun with tomatoes and mustard or ketchup):

Snobby (Sloppy) Joes:

Hot Fudge Brownie Larabars (skip the optional added chocolate to make it vegan):


Cholent (I've made the original recipe, not this one):

The Happy Herbivore Cookbook
Appetite for Reduction
Vegan with a Vengeance
Quick & Easy Comfort Food
Vegan on the Cheap

Your library probably should have some of the cookbooks available through interloan.

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2/28/12 8:48 A

This is my favorite vegan recipe site by far. Good luck with your transition to veganism!

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2/28/12 7:50 A

And have you seen this?

I bought the ebook cookbook yesterday but haven't had a chance to look it over. I imagine it's not quite in line with how I choose to eat but I can usually adapt a basic vegan recipes.

I'm in the middle of looking over the cookbook Unprocessed (ChefAJ) and it's amazing.

Since I'm also grain-free I really enjoy raw vegan cookbooks. I love books by Ani Phyo and Mimi Kirk. Though I do sometimes cook their recipes lol.

Love this blog for that sort of thing- She has great condiment recipes that use whole foods vs. processed oils. Love the ranch dressing, sour cream, mayo recipes! My whole family does, too, and they aren't vegan. :)

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2/28/12 7:24 A

i'm a huge fan of robin robertson's cookbooks, specifically
-vegan planet
-the vegetarian meat and potatoes cookbook
-vegan on the cheap

i also love the mediterranean vegan kitchen because it uses things that you can find in any grocery store and pretty much relies on no fake meat. so it's not too scary for people afraid of vegan stuff.

and if you need the absolute basics [like how to cook brown rice] the students go vegan cookbook is right up your alley. but if you know the basics on how to cook, i'd advise hitting your local library and thumbing through what they have to see what looks good to you.

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2/28/12 2:06 A

If you are looking for a website, I would recommend:

For cookbooks, my favorites are "The New Moosewood Cookbook" or others in the Moosewood series:

- and also "Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone":

There are a zillion recipes for beginners, you just need to look and see what interests you. I would suggest that you find some spark teams here for vegans and vegetarians - I'm sure you'll find lots more suggestions and info.

Best of luck to you! emoticon

2/27/12 11:16 P

After much thought and consideration, I feel that transitioning to veganism would be most beneficial for my health and well-being. I would like to start by trying some vegan recipes that are takes on non-vegan dishes, like burgers, cheesy pastas, etc. Does anyone have a good source of vegan recipes that are relatively simple for a beginner? I've already discovered and would like more sources if possible. Thank you so much!

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