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7/5/13 4:37 A

I adore my Fitbit! I love love love it! It has been such a wonderful tool and a total motivator!

I honestly feel naked without it

UNIQUE116 Posts: 2
7/4/13 11:53 P

I've had the Ultra Fitbit for over a year and a half and love it. The model has been replaced and the newer one is basically the same as far as function. The new one has a holder and mine just slides on clothing. That being said, I have not been real serious with exercise and haven't pushed myself to follow goals and steps. I just started counting calories and using this site and plan on incorporating goals with steps and getting serious about exercise.

The Fitbit is extremely easy to use and worth the price. No quirks - I have been clipping it on my bra daily since getting it and it has sayings that show when you move it once it has been sitting. The sleep part is probably not as accurate since it goes by motion and I haven't messed with that too much. I did try it for awhile and it shows way too many times that I was awake (which I wasn't) but I must have tossed and turned on those nights. You start it when you go to bed and stop it once you plan on getting out of bed. The newer model has a silent alarm and mine does not. I have noticed some wear on mine and it is getting "delicate" where is slides on the clothing and from what I understand that is why this model has been replaced. I will definitely buy another one when this one no longer works -- it is addictive. Hope this helps.

7/4/13 10:36 P

I'm disappointed you didn't get any replies. I am also considering this. The reviews on Amazon are varied. Did you get one?

KAMINEKO Posts: 496
4/17/13 8:42 A

I've been debating purchasing one but I have some questions Did you find the fit bit helpful and easy to use in the long term? In other words, do you think it is worth the purchase price? How long have users been using/relying on it? Any quirks or things to be aware of with the fitbit?

I've purchased other fitness gadgets before like step counters, HRM (not something conducive to spontaneous activity if you haven't put on the chest strap beforehand), interval timer (also useful but very oddly eats batteries like crazy) and while they are certainly useful for certain applications, they aren't necessarily useful in a broader sense like this little gadget might be. I'm hesitant to take the plunge because of the price but it does look pretty darn cool. I just don't want to buy it and then it eventually it end up in a side table drawer.

Also, I've looked on the fitbit website and can't seem to find the information I need. How on earth does it track your hours of sleep and assess your quality of sleep?

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