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5/12/13 8:29 P

Thank you kind of you to send me this info emoticon

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Here is some additional information that may help you.

Be well,

GATINEAU47 Posts: 59
5/12/13 2:14 P

thank you I appreciate your comment, I have been maintaining now for an extremely long time...I should say a Plateau... emoticon

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5/12/13 1:27 P

The simple answer is yes.
The more complicated answer is: Weight loss is complicated. I've been following my plan and haven't lost anything in 2 weeks. But, I fit into a pair of pants that were too tight 2 weeks ago.
As we work out, we build muscle, burn fat, lose and gain water weight etc. And your weight will fluctuate so don't get hung up on a single number. Don't be disappointed if you gain a pound or two or get excited if you lose 2 or 3 pounds. It's a journey with lots of twists and turns but you will get to your destination!

GATINEAU47 Posts: 59
5/12/13 1:06 P

so if I get you right, the system says if I eat any where between 1200-1550 I will still lose

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5/12/13 12:59 P

Welcome back!
The calculation is based on your weight, activity level and goal. So if you follow your plan you should lose. Will it always be a pound a week? Nope! Because we are human and everything fluctuates. But as long as you are eating healthy foods and working out you will be heaslthier, feel better and get slimmer!
Good luck.

GATINEAU47 Posts: 59
5/12/13 12:44 P

Quick question, I have just come back and re-started my goal. The system says 1200-1550 calories per day for me....does this mean if I eat up to 1550 cals in the day I can still lose the 1 pound per week goal. When calculation for me was done it does not ask for my age.... emoticon

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