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1/20/12 11:55 A

I guess it waas a bad day...or two. I got the spark going again and to hell with his lifestyle he's a big boy with a kid of he's own and it's my turn now, right.

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1/18/12 4:35 P

emoticon To The Spark.

This site is an awesome place for inspiration and motivation. You better watch out or you may get the bug for it. That's if it hasn't got you already.


Wishing You Every Success.

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1/18/12 3:20 P

Hey, don't give up because you haven't gotten over that hurdle yet! Every single one of us has faced this sort of challenge and struggled with learning how to back away from the food. You put your finger on a key issue - you are angry at someone and taking it out on yourself. That is a step in the right direction. Next step is to take the power away from the food - the stuff doesn't actually help and you know it, so it is like punishing yourself. For me, not having such stuff around helps but not everyone is in that position. I'd suggest that you do some writing - either in a private notebook or in a blog on line and get that anger on paper - especially if you can't say it to the person involved. In truth, you'll find out you can stop yourself by re-directing your intentions. Whether cleaning or working out will help - well, that's an individual thing. I usually need to walk away from all food to cool off or clear my head. Others pray or call someone. Connect with more people here on Spark and read some other folks' posts and blogs. You'll see that you aren't alone and can keep on learning! Feel free to Spark mail me, but keep on posting about this. Everyone here really understands and cares!

1/18/12 2:33 P

So far my putting one foot in front of the other is to get another pudding cup. I'm on number 5 ,that is, after the french Fry's and the chicken tenders. I cant stop myself, ending pudding cup starting # 6. I'm mad at my son and taking it out on me. I tried to cleaning, working out but it's not doing anything, I guess I wasn't meant for this.

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