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7/11/13 4:19 P

I believe that brewing your own green tea and drinking it plain is much better than buying bottled green tea.

Although Trader Joe's products are usually pretty wholesome.

If you did choose to use this product I would make sure that Ginseng didn't cause any adverse reactions with your prescriptions. If you have any prescriptions, that is.

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7/11/13 3:47 P

I was still subscribed to your thread, haha.

Considering brewing your own green tea just has "green tea" in it, and no preservatives, artificial sweetener, fake coloring, and fake flavoring, yeah, I'd say it's still worse than brewing your own.

The problem is that it has fewer antioxidants (which is, if I recall, what you wanted this for - the health benefits), which they don't show you on the bottle. The first post I left had a quote about how poor the antioxidant levels are in bottled tea compared to home-brewed tea.

So you'll get more of a health benefit if you brew your own, plus it'll be a lot cheaper in the long run.


Mmm, you've just inspired me to make some! :)

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7/11/13 2:39 P

It has filtered water lol, brewed green tea, caramel color, ginseng extract, honey, natural flavors, citric acid, sucralose, potassiu sorbate.

On the nutrition facts everything is 0g or 0%

is that still worse than brewing your own?

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6/17/13 9:31 A

The Spark article I cited will tell you that bottled green tea is not nearly as beneficial as green tea that you brew yourself. The comment about regular versus diet was merely to point out that it is bottled (as that is the only way to see that distinction), which led me to the article about how bottled tea is no good, whether regular or diet. :)

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6/17/13 9:14 A

Trader Joe's has green Tea without sugar and without artificial sweeteners. They also carry Kettle Brewed unsweetened black tea that's quite good without sugar and without artificial sweeteners. Both are available in 1 gallon jugs.

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6/16/13 6:17 P

The problem isn't the sugar, but the fact that the processed bottled teas don't provide the same benefit as fresh-brewed green tea. It's the antioxidants that make them healthy, and bottled teas don't have as much as they should. I would skip the bottled stuff, and brew your own. It'll taste better, and won't have the extra ingredients. Look at the bottle. It should have three ingredients: green tea, water, and whatever sweetener. If it has more than that, it's got stuff you probably don't want in your body.

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6/16/13 4:07 P

Thanks our doesnt have sugar but does have splenda n no different than regular green tea for the fact that's its good for your cardiovascular system. Whivh is what i was tryn to figure out. Ty

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6/14/13 2:27 P

Green tea is only labeled regular or diet if it's in a bottle, which means it is sweetened. Therefore, the difference is sugar versus artificial sweetener.

Bottled green tea isn't really that good for you. Here's the relevant portion of a Spark article (found here:
) explaining it:

"While green tea is rich in antioxidants, studies have shown that the bottled varieties of tea don't even come close to the antioxidant levels you'll find in home-brewed green tea. Researchers found as few as 3 milligrams of flavonoids in premade (bottled) teas, compared with up to 150 milligrams in the kind that is brewed at home. To get the most of your tea, steep it at home for 6-10 minutes, then enjoy it either hot or iced. (This will save you money, too!)"

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6/14/13 1:45 P

Does Publix diet green tea have the same benefits against heart disease as regular green tea?

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