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Make sure you are entering food YOU personally enter in OR the foods that SparkPeople has "ok"d. You can tell because anything another member has entered will say so after the name of the food item.

Use SP for all generic items- milk, eggs, etc. They are more accurate than the labels. Labels go by 5 for calories- which means they may be 3 too high OR 3 too low- and then 1/2 g of fat or 1 g of protein/carbs, which means what is listed as 4.5 ay be 4.7 g fat or what is "1" g of protein is really a half or even 1.4! Also, labels do NOT list every nutrient.

Now then, if there is a prepared food (ie, a Jimmy Dean's breakfast sausage thing), enter the values in yourself, so you know it is as close to accurate as you can be.

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What the previous people said is exactly right - you've used a user-input entry that was input incorrectly (eggs, microwaved by... i don't remember now). I looked it up in the database and peeked at the nutritional information and sure enough, the protein line is blank.

Since an egg is an egg whether you microwave, poach or boil, just use the generic entry for "eggs"... add whatever butter you may have used as a separate item in your tracker.

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If you choose Egg, Fresh, and set 1 Large, it is 6.3g of protein.

What listing were you using? Perhaps you accidentally had it set to something like 1 gram instead of 1 egg and the 3g of protein came from the cheese entry? Check what you're entering - the database figures do seem to be okay.

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Are you using the database? Be very careful which entries you use. I find for the most part, the entries that SP puts in are accurate, but one you have members putting in items, some don't fill the fields out correctly.
I fix it by not using the database at all. I enter my own items. I may use the fresh fruit and veggies, but anything else I add and put the in my favorites.

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I need help . On my nutrition tracker is not on target . I had eggs and cheese and it gave me 3 g of protein .I know that one egg has 6 g each . I need to be able to count on the tracker . I work out a lot and want to make sure I eat enough protein , carb , fats and etc . Is there something to fix this ? Thank you Trish

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