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5/24/12 2:53 P

okay I'll just have to source it. maybe i'll look around next time I'm at sams club or something.

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5/24/12 6:57 A

I don't drink them

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5/24/12 6:40 A

I'm sorry that I can't provide too much help on pre-made shakes. I don't use them. In the past I have used regular whey protein from places like walmart or GNC. (GNC has some pricey versions though with a ton of additives that are supposed to be super helpful and proven by scientific research) but I don't buy into that. I would stick with protein powders that don't have a ton of extra chemical additives. It works pretty good in smoothies in a blender.

Right now I am at a very small military base overseas with only one tiny exchange. They only had a couple different choices so the stuff I'm using right now wouldn't really be my choice if I was back in the states. I got a protein carb mix, that has about 30g of carbs to 10g of protein. I mix 2 scoops of this to 300ml of milk to get 60g carb and 30g protein for my post workout shakes. This is handy for me because I don't have to provide an additional source of carbs like fruit or something in addition to a strictly protein shake. I also have a second type of protein powder that is strictly protein with minimal carbs that I add to my oatmeal, since I already have plenty of carbs in my morning meals between oatmeal and a couple different varieties of fresh fruit and whole wheat toast.

Sorry I couldn't be more help with the ready made shakes.

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5/24/12 1:40 A

thanx so much russ. do you have any good examples of such protein shakes? I am on the look out so any suggestions would be awesome.

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5/24/12 1:08 A

As far as your protein intake for each meal, it would depend on what source you are getting it from if you are looking to know how many ounces to eat of a protein source. I would recommend looking at your spark ranges and then trying to stay within them.

A couple other notes - one post said that they heard drinking your calories is normally not the preferred method. There are a couple reasons behind this. For most people, drinking calories is not as filling as eating whole foods, which is less desirable if you have a tough time staying down in your calorie range. The second reason is that liquids are easier to digest than whole foods like steak or brocolli for example. Your body uses energy to digest your food, so you will burn more calories to digest whole food than liquid meals. This means two people can eat the exact same number of calories in a meal, but the one who eats whole foods will have a weight loss advantage over the liquid meal due to a higher calorie burn to digest the food.

All that aside, I believe having 1 or 2 liquid meals a day is not a problem if that fits into your schedule and it is something that helps you stick to your eating plan. Make sure your other meals are healthy though with plenty of veggies. I personally use protein shakes (usually milk and powder) after my workouts and on the mornings I eat oatmeal (I add it in) to get enough protein in my breakfast meal (maybe 2x week). I usually have egg white omlettes the other days which provide enough protein already. For post workout shakes don't forget that you need carbs. (I saw a lot of recommendations for low sugar shakes). Just make sure you get enough carbs in your post workout shake (your muscles need carbs to replace the glycogen you lost, not protein. The protein is needed to repair the muscle damage you did). From what I've read recently, several sources recommend a 2:1 carb to protein blend. This is different from what most people are currently doing.

Good luck.

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5/23/12 11:25 P

okay, good point.
soo for protein options, should I eat 2 oz of protein for each meal? would that be apropriate?

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5/23/12 10:13 P

I agree with Danniellemarie.. To keep a steady state blood sugar people with blood sugar issues should be spreading their meals out smaller and regular - use more on fruit, complex carbs and lean protein void of visiable fat.. Reduce the intake of processed foods to avoid spiking the blood sugar and allowing it to drop to rapidly..
If you go diabetic this will be one of the first things a diabetes clinic will point out.. To keep blood sugar stable small and regular.. My husband was type 1 he ate 6 meals during the day and it was like military drill to keep a stable blood sugar without huge spikes and dives he was only 50 kgs at best..
If your health cracks you will be forced to slow down. Do the work now while it is optional when it becames a must it is a pain in the ass.. It was a bit of a drag when I had to take over doing stuff for my husband like collecting the kids because he forgot to eat a "mealtime" and I sit stuck in peak traffic.. The discomfort to re-establish a steady state blood sugar totally wiped him out.. I had to make him sit down and eat as the consequences were annoying on us as a family.. It is a question of choices.. Consequences however were unpleasant on us as a family when diabetes mades it's presence known seriously in people lifes.. Type two people don't notice it before secondary illnesses kick in.. Eating smaller meals can tone consequences down- like the feeling of being a dead battery from drastic swings.. We can't always see this but when long term blood sugar totals were printed out- the doctors could see when my husband forgot meals and the fight to re-establish steady state..

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5/23/12 10:08 P

I get my protein powder at walmart. It's 6 star and I get the chocolate. I want to try the vanilla and add fruit to it.

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5/23/12 7:20 P

well that realy doesn't help when I am too busy to slow down and eat a meal, y'know? yes, they are processed. I know. I'm more into the 80/20 rule.

and I have tried 5-6 meals a day. it no longer works for me. but 3 mail meals and a snack work great.

5/23/12 3:12 P

My personal opinion is that they are completely unnecessary and are extremely processed. I'm not saying there weren't times I leaned on them (there were!) but they are not something I can see myself using as a tool in the future.

If you're not getting enough protein in your day then you are likely eating too many processed foods and would do better to focus on eating more whole foods to up your protein intake.

If you're looking for a snack that doesn't ignite cravings perhaps try 4 or 5 small meals instead of meals + snack/s. Try dividing your day's calories evenly by 4 or 5 and spreading them evenly throughout the day. It really really helps to break the mindset that a snack is a fun treat. An easy way to implement this is to make one meal that's double/triple the calories of your mini-meal and split it into portions. Cook once, eat two or three times.

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5/23/12 2:16 P

I am looking for pre-made in cans and low sugar. I have insulin resistence so low sugar. that way I can't add a bit of this and a bit of that and then its oukt of this world protein shake lol.

that way it a good healthy controlled snack.

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5/23/12 11:19 A

I do protein shakes every day for breakfast, but i utterly refuse to buy them from supermarkets or healthfood stores. Unless I know how the protein powder is made-- cold pressed and from grass fed animals and very low in sugar (the one I tend to use matches this criteria) I won't touch it. The ones in the supermarket and from the health food stores have too much sugar, are usually made with heat and just don't do the job I want them to do.

Actually if you make your own smoothies or shakes, you can control what you put in them. Mine today has almond milk (which I made myself), spinach (organic) cantaloupe, a handful of strawberries, 1/2 a banana and a dash of cinnamon. It is easily going to carry me to lunch and provide all the nutrients I need.

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5/23/12 11:02 A

Sugar does not make us fat, actually. ;) That's a myth! Overeating makes us fat. Too much sugar isn't good for us, and yes, but carbs, fat, and sugar (or any other nutrient) doesn't make us fat. It's overeating on anything that does. You can get fat eating too many vegetables, or lean proteins! It's fine in moderation (and especially if you avoid refined, added sugars.) You do need to avoid too much.

I have been drinking special K shakes for a while (I LOVE the dark chocolate) but it was getting expensive. So I bought some Designer Whey chocolate protein powder... and I'm really impressed. It doesn't have that funky aftertaste some protein drinks can have, and it's much easier to control the amount I get. I don't like a full scoop, it makes the drink too grainy. The good thing is, I can mix it up with other things for variety! And way cheaper than $4 for a 4 pack of Special K!

If you go for a powder, make sure it has NUTRITION facts on the back... not supplement facts. Supplements aren't regulated the way foods are.

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5/23/12 10:34 A

I love protein shakes. I think they are a great, portable low carb, obviously high protein "snack." I use them primarily when I know I'll be somewhere without food that I want to eat, and while I've heard you shouldn't drink your calories, I think this may be on exception because it really does fill you up.

If you're looking for pre-made ready to take with you protein shakes, my favorite BY FAR are Premier Nutrition (I buy mine at Costco and they're on sale right now) shakes with 30 grams of protein, 5 grams carbohydrates and only 1 gram of sugar. I work for a pro hockey team and this is the brand we also have in our locker room (which I didn't know until last year).
I've tried the chocolate and it tastes just like a milkshake.

My other favorite is the EAS Carbsmart shakes in Strawberry Creme. It's only the strawberry flavor I've found that doesn't taste like a "protein shake" know chalky and gross. It's actually delicious.

For protein powder, I highly recommend the Amplify, in any flavor. Cookies 'n creme, chocolate or vanilla! I mix mine with milk and it's really good too. Also you can sprinkle in 2TBL or so and make your own smoothie with some frozen fruit, etc.

Some things to look for, obviously high protein, I prefer whey v. soy and LOW SUGAR. These things can be sugar bombs and sugar makes us fat. Stay away from those.

Good luck to you!

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5/23/12 5:48 A

I think they're fine for a post workout snack. I also think they're fine between meals, however, if you tend to over do it, try to focus on changing that habit rather than relying on shakes. I also have that problem some days. I use a powder I got from Meijer. It has a few extras in it. My husband orders a powder with all kinds of stuff in it (he's a heavy, heavy lifter).

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5/23/12 3:46 A


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5/22/12 2:39 A

I have a hard time eating good snacks between meals or in the middle of the day. and when I do - I tend to overdo it.

or as a post workout snakc, I'm still so pumped from all the adrenaline that I can't calm down to eat well.

so . . . I was think . . . protein shake.

I haven't dranken these since I was like 20 or 21. I have no idea whats out there or what to look for.

any ideas?

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