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6/9/13 5:40 P

I think it is great. Portion control and moderation is what it is all about. Having the kiddie cone is a great way to satisfy your craving and not blow your calorie bank. Could you chose a more nutritious option? Sure, but sometimes you just need the splurge. It is sort of like buying a new pair of shoes :)


BRAVELUTE Posts: 3,965
6/9/13 12:56 P

Mindful Portion control is a great thing!!

I think the question you ask should require looking elsewhere, however.

Something like "Have I eaten the fruits and vegetables that my body needs today?

Then ask your question, "Is this ______________ progress?" You can put anything in the blank like a banana split or a kiddie cone or a quarter pound hamburger.

If it's after dinner and you haven't eaten anyway near the fruits and veggies your body needs, then perhaps the answer to the kiddie cone question is no.

But if you have done well with your menu plan and a serving of ice cream is in your scheme of things, then I say you have made great choices for the day.

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6/9/13 11:42 A

I am in total agreement here. It's great progress!

Who wants to live a life where we can't have ANY of our favorite foods? Not me! To maintain a healthy pattern of eating and exercise, your choices have to be ones you can live with HAPPILY for the rest of your life. That's the only way you will maintain those habits forever. In other words ... Portion Control ... Portion Control ... Portion Control

Keep up the good work.

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6/9/13 9:55 A

If you are eating less junk food and sugar treats, then it is progress! I have to restrict myself when it comes to sugar treats. I love the stuff!

CANDACEMM Posts: 1,218
6/9/13 8:07 A

When I restrict myself from certain things, I crave them more. It's all about portion control. If you can satisfy your cravings in a better way, go for it! There's nothing wrong with a kiddie cone!

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6/8/13 11:32 P

Having a kiddie cone is called portion control!!!!! That is GREAT. I'm a firm believer in moderation in all things.

I'm trying to make permanent lifestyle changes here, NOT a diet. So I want to do things that I can continue with for a lifetime. A lifetime with NO ice cream is ridiculous in my book!!!

Of course, we have to watch how often we do it ...

Good luck!!

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6/8/13 10:21 P

is it progress to only have a Kiddie cone? i think so.

should i say no to ice cream? probably more often than i do, but, for now, i will take it as progress that i am not having a cone, and i am not having more than one scoop!

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