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FITKIZ Posts: 748
11/15/11 11:53 A

Talk first to your OB about your specific health concerns and conditions. I weighed 250 lbs going into my 3rd pregnancy and 215 going into my second. During my first I was on bedrest for blood pressure concerns and gained 80 pounds that I'm here at Spark People trying Really Hard to lose.
The most basic advice I can offer is that by no means should you stop exercising even if you have a condition that doesn't allow for the rigorous impact of jogging/running. Even if you hop on an elliptical or walk around the block, keep moving, your body needs to be as fit and healthy as possible to ensure the health of the baby.
Being pregnant should be a joyful time for you and eating well balanced and healthy meals combined with regular physical exercise will help more than you might expect. Good Luck and enjoy yourself. Happy mommies make for healthy babies. emoticon

SUNSHINE084 Posts: 4,464
11/14/11 12:20 A

Stay active for your health and the baby. Talk with your dr about the running. Eat healthy and balanced. You can always try to gain on the lower end of the recommended amount for pregnancy. There is a wonderful group called Fit and Pregnant on spark... loved it while I was prego.. I just had a baby 7 weeks ago. Also on my spark page ... there is a sparkfriend that is called angierunner. here is a link to her page ...
she runs marathons and ran and trained while prego... she would be the person to ask... she is training right now. Wish you the best of luck with your pregnancy.

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11/8/11 12:19 P

Just by walking at a brisk pace consistently every day and eating nutrition-packed foods, I was able to walk out of the hospital weighing 25 pounds (11.36 kilos) less than my pre-pregnancy weight. I went from a size 16 to a size 12 when I gave birth.

My advice is to
emoticon not emoticon

Best wishes to you two ladies! emoticon

SUPERSYLPH Posts: 1,300
11/4/11 5:07 A

Don't go on a diet. It's not healthy to begin with.

Do try to eat healthy foods that you enjoy.

Only do as much exercise as you can handle. If that means just walking everyday, that's still something! There are people who have become healthier by just walking!


10/11/11 4:02 A

I have the same concern as you...The last couple of years I have pu on weight, only until very recently I managed to loses a few kilos abd I have just found out that I am pregnant.
I am also realy worried of gaining weight and I am looking for ways to keep my weight while pregnant.
Of course I also feel quilty and say to myself "now you worry? what have done the past two years?"
I hope that maybe pregnancy will keep more motivated to a healthy lifestyle and maybe this can help maintain my weight.
I hope....

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10/6/11 9:10 A

this is my first message ever... i am really proud being with spark people, as the site is quite lovely and convenient .... i went down from 97 kilos to 78.5 now and i am training for my 5K marathon after 8 weeks to just find out that i am pregnant....i am sooo worried about gaining weight and having to stop jogging for safety precautions for pregnancy...i don't know what to do, especially that i gained 31 kilos in my first pregnancy were i jumped from 66kilos to 97 kilos!!! but that was due to hormone intake and bed rest all 9 months due to threatened abortion... i am really depressed, confused and don't know what to do as i am overweight for pregnancy now especially that i am a shorty (153 cm)....can i diet while pregnant?? can i not gain weight?? can anyone help me here????..... thanks

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