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3/27/13 1:03 A

You are so right. We all must thank him everyday for whom and what we have and for his undying love. All he ask is for us to accept him in our lifes, and of course we should do the very best we can. He is very forgiving, and without him we have nothing.

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3/27/13 12:11 A

feeling so bad for someone I know right now, some people go through so much, so many losses and struggles and at such a young age. It hurts me that this very sweet strong person has to go through so much pain, guys I know you don't know this person, but send out some prayers...send em out for everyone because you may not know it but everyone needs them, and please thank The good lord every single day for who you have because you're not promised forever. Thank you God for all my blessings most of all your forgiveness and my beautiful baby and my loving husband

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