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SCROSS6 Posts: 803
1/15/13 9:02 A

I have been postin motivation quotes on my fridge.

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1/15/13 7:58 A

Hello again Musemb,

I hear you on concerns about past less than optimal results but this is a fresh future you are facing and your history can be left behind as you forge ahead. Keep affirmations handy to counter negative thoughts. Positive self talk can boost your success and confidence.

I believe you can do this and WILL! You are worth every healthy choice you make. emoticon

MUSEMB Posts: 41
1/15/13 6:57 A

Thank you both! I am trying really hard - to stay positive, and to do do a better job than I have in the past. I will take my measurements today so that hopefully will show me a bit more about the hard work I have been putting in next week. I am afraid of failing..., so I cannot let myself give up this time.

REBCCA SparkPoints: (412,740)
Fitness Minutes: (216,165)
Posts: 22,800
1/15/13 12:23 A

Sounds like you have the right attitude and perseverance in place emoticon

I wish you the best of success!!

PHAMS85 Posts: 213
1/14/13 9:53 P

Hi! Even though the scale isn't showing it yet, look for other measures. Pull out the cloth tape measure and do some body measurements.

emoticon Alicia

MUSEMB Posts: 41
1/14/13 7:53 P

clean up my eating..., eating within all the parameters of the tracker - but i could be making better choices with what i am eating.
working out daily..., at least until it is part of my routine, or until the habit is formed. no skimping out. even if it is just a bit of cardio - something is always better than nothing.
give up the all or nothing attitude..., in the past it is always what gets me and ends up diverting me from my goals.
be patient with myself..., it will take a while to get back to my optimal shape.
i'd love to lose 2 more lbs. this week, but I think that may not happen. we will see on thursday.

I am feeling better than i have in a while. I feel thinner, but the scale isn't necessarily saying so. Everyday I do my best, is another day healthier!

Hope you all are doing well with your own goals.

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