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6/13/13 2:34 P

What sort of credentials does this "nutritionist" have? Anyone can call themselves a nutritionist; it requires no education. I would suggest finding a registered dietician instead, someone who has been trained in actual scientific principles regarding nutrition and food, instead of someone who attended a class somewhere and now calls themselves an expert. :)

There is no reliable evidence that this sort of pseudoscience actually has anything to do with reality; everyone's weight fluctuates day to day, and it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with "reactiveness" to otherwise healthy foods, *especially* foods which you have not previously had a problem with before.

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6/13/13 12:56 P

Mine was caused by histamine response, which causes drop in bp and tachycardia. This was soon after eating chicken. Chicken was HUGE staple in my diet before. Crazy!!

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6/13/13 12:34 P

Sounds like you are having vaso-vagal reactions. Not to be an alarmist, but those were the exact symptoms that I had for my colon cancer. I understand that this is extremely rare (pure fluke that my tumor was sitting on the vagus nerve), but you might want to consider a CT or a colonoscopy to rule out something other than food causing this type of reaction.

Hope you and your medical team get you feeling better soon!

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6/13/13 9:37 A

Not sure what SP plan is, but TP is essentially an elimination diet. Itching is a mild reaction compared to what I've experienced...severe abd pain, confusion, elevated heart rate, near syncope (passing out), depression, etc.

6/13/13 7:27 A

I'm not sure what The Plan is, is it the SP Plan? I think it's possible for people to have reactions to foods but not listen to their bodies to see it.

I for example have had very dry, itchy, bumpy skin my whole entire life. It wasn't until after I cut out gluten that my skin started to see improvement and it wasn't until I stopped eating all grain that it completely cleared up. Now when I eat grain of any kind my skin itches, it gets dry and little bumps start to form from just one exposure the symptoms can last up to 2 weeks!

I have been sensitive to it my whole life, not just because I cut it out for a while. I was just able to figure it out because I eliminated it from my diet. I am very glad that I know the cause of my dry skin because the skin is our biggest detoxifying organ and healthy skin is a sign of a healthy body inside.

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6/13/13 7:22 A

What health professional would advise against eating a healthier diet and eliminating processed foods? Not many. My labs look great, BUT I have an autoimmune response to foods that was not present before therefore limiting my lists of foods I can eat. I am a health professional and the reactions have been alarming. What happens when a non health professional has a reaction? If I would have known beforehand what I know now...NEVER would have done this. As with anything, there are down sides and up sides. It helps some, but no one can predict your body chemistry and the reactions you may experience.

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6/13/13 6:39 A

Any significant change in menu/lifestyle should be addressed beforehand with your physician or medical professional.

That's why there's always a disclaimer on exercise programs/equipment.
There should likely be one on most significant change diet (menu) programs as well, if it isn't there.

Whether someone follows the advice or not, is left to themselves.

Hope you and your professional can sort things out

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6/13/13 6:32 A

Hi all,

I started The Plan in January and had major reactions since the beginning. After being on this program for 5 months and working with a nutritionist for 30 days, I have discovered that I am reacting to MANY things and my body has become hypersensitive. You have to be prepared for what you uncover during this detox and there are not many health professionals who understand this process. As always, If you are ever considering starting on one of these programs, you should have complete understanding/communication with your physician and be aware of the sometimes alarming reactions that may occur when you eat certain foods that you have never reacted to before. Just be prepared...

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