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10/4/11 3:56 P

I also use a food scale and measuring cups and spoons. It is the only way to keep myself honest. I have tried the plate method and you can stack a lot of food on a small plate.

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10/4/11 3:44 P

I use measuring cups and a food scale for measuring food.

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10/4/11 12:50 P

I definitely recommend a food scale. It's very easy to underestimate how many calories you're getting if you just eyeball things or even if you use measuring cups. I've found that, for a lot of foods, a portion measured in a measuring cup actually weighs more than the recommended serving size. E.g. a serving size of cereal may be 1 cup (28 grams), but, if you measure out a cup of cereal and then weigh it, it will often weigh significantly more than 28 grams. To my understanding, this is due to labeling laws which allow the manufacturer to round up the measured serving size.

10/3/11 3:20 P

I don't have the time to weigh/measure everything that goes into my mouth for a meal. I cook for a family of four. Corelle makes a Lunch size plate -smaller than a dinner plate and larger than a salad plate- that works just fine for me. Portion control is not standardized for every person-it depends on your height, weight, how much you want to lose, and activity level-do you sit in a office all day or have a on your feet active job, are you active during personal time or sit and watch tv.. ,. Every persons matabolism is different. I found this method to be helpful for meals on a scale of 1-10, 1 being really hungry-10 overstuffed- eat until you are about a 7. Thats not hungry, comfortably full but not stuffed.

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10/3/11 1:24 P

Weighing/measuring is really the only way to go. If I were trying to use a smaller plate to control portions, I would stack that food up to the ceiling! ;)

I also use the SparkPeople recipe calculator a LOT. When I'm cooking a batch of stir fry, soup, whatever, I weigh and enter all the ingredients into the recipe calculator. When I'm done, I take a guess at the number of servings it should be, and hit the calculate button for nutrition information. It'll tell me that if I divide it into 8 servings they have 228 calories each, or whatever. Then I adjust the number of servings up or down until I hit my calorie target.

I divide it into that many tupperwares, and I know that each serving is perfectly portion controlled for my food plan.

10/3/11 12:08 P

a digital food scale is my most important tool in portion control and weight loss. I would take that before a body weight scale, if I had to choose. Once you get one, you will wonder how you ever lived without it... and also be amazed what portion sizes really look like!

10/3/11 12:01 P

I definitely recommend getting measuring cups and spoons and a digital scale (some things are by volume, some by weight, so you need both). For things like vegetables, a half cup here or there won't make a big difference, but when you get into items that have more caloric content (like carbs, meats and cheeses), you really need to be as precise as possible. Plus, once you do it a bit, you'll be able to eyeball portions pretty well when you are out at restaurants. However, using a smaller plate for your meals is another great tip, but I would use that in conjunction with the precise measuring, and not instead of.

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10/3/11 10:30 A

Hello everyone, well I'm now in stage 2 of my plan and my new challenge is portion control. The main goal here is measuring my portions. I was wondering if using a portion control plate would be useful as it would be a bit more convenient than measuring everything. Or Is portion control more about weight than size?

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