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5/11/12 10:09 A

My daughter who is 5 now did this very thing for a full year! It was very frustrating. What worked for her was telling her every time she went in the potty, she would get a ring pop. I kept the box where she could see. At first I would hide it and she wouldn't do it. But when she could see the ring pops she started! Just hang in there! Also your child could be so constipated maybe they are having trouble going. A trip to the Dr might be good just to make sure there isn't anything going on. And now she always goes and doesn't expect a reward.

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5/8/12 4:07 A

We have a continence clinic as part of our paediatric part of our public hospitals in Oz.

Here's what they told us: (we have a 9 yo - you do NOT want to let it go that long)
parachoc, once a day (basically paraffin wax)
movicol if needed (stool softener)
at least 4 large glasses of water per day
plenty of veg and fruit

Have child sit on toilet at least several times a day at set times. Straight after school, once in the morning and after dinner say. Give them a non food reward for doing just that. Have child sit with a stool under his/her feet (so knees are raised above hips). Have them breath into a balloon or blue bubbles so they are not tensing their tummy muscles (bad). Relaxed happy times on the toilet are what you are creating. Must be about 1 minute per year til 5 minutes. My older son sits for 5 minutes.

Rewards: for sitting on the toilet. Reward for actually doing a poo. Small instant rewards like we use a stamp on the back of the hand and some stickers. If they do this for a week, they get some larger reward. We brought a model to build for our older child for his first week. keep a chart, it's worth it. Child could do a stamp or a sticker on it.

It might be successful for a while. If you don't keep the consistency up it won't work. The bottom must get its strength and feeling back. Damage may have happened down there and they simply don't feel the urge, or they hold on and experience pain, associate pain with poo and it becomes a bad cycle.

Be calm and consistent. That is the hardest part.

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5/7/12 3:34 P

If he seems to be afraid of sitting on the toilet, maybe have him spend a short amount of time a few times a day sitting on it with you or Daddy there reassuring him. Also reassure him that he won't fall in if he pays attention, and even if he does, the worst that will happen is that he gets wet - he's too big to get flushed away.

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5/7/12 8:58 A

No painful ones - I wonder if he is just lazy. Of course I ask him why and sometimes I get answers other and I don't know. He told me this weekend he is afraid he will fall in and he want someone int he bathroom with him. So I tell him to tell me and myself of Daddy will happily go in with him... tem minutes later, poops in his pants. I try rewards and he tunes me out and tries to change the subject.

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5/6/12 3:40 P

You need to try to figure out why he won't do it. Some kids are afraid to poop in the potty for some reason. Do you think there are any medical issues, like constipation or painful poops? Will he ever go in the potty, or does he just have frequent accidents? If he won't go at all, there is probably something he is afraid of - you need to gently encourage him to start - maybe with some rewards, and you might need to stay in the bathroom with him to encourage. I've got a kid with painful, large poops - he likes if I hold his hands while he goes if he thinks it will hurt. Also - are you sure he knows when he needs to go? Due to his constipation issues, my son will have some times when he doesn't feel stuff coming out. Can you catch him looking like he is about to go in his pants, and then hurry him to the bathroom? If you don't think there is anything wrong, you can try making sure he is in underwear, and make him clean his own underwear - I know moms that have really cut down on accidents of kids who just don't want to stop what they are doing with this method.

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5/6/12 1:00 A

I'd take him to a specialist for a second opinion.

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5/5/12 7:37 P

Yup - he felt that he would get there eventually and that is as far as it went there.

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5/5/12 3:14 P

did you talk to the pediatrician to make sure there isn't anything physically that would be happening?

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5/5/12 2:54 P

anyone have any advice to get my 5 year old boy to poop in the potty not his pants???? Nothing is working and he just does not care that he does it. Pees great, just wish I could find that magic potion that would get him to poop!!!

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