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6/25/14 10:41 A

Thank you! I have to run errands later so my library is on my list now. I don't know why I never think of that place.

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6/25/14 9:58 A

You're in luck ! Spark People had a terrific blog on workouts you can do in a pool. So, you might want to read this article for some ideas before buying any DVDs.

And if you are interested in DVDs, check your local library first. Your library is not only a great resource for books, they have DVDs and CDs too. So, check your library to see what sort of DVDs they have and try one or two out.

Can a person become fit in the pool ? Ask Michael Phelps. teehee... yes, swimming and water aerobics can help a person become fitter. But, if you are trying to lose weight, what matters most is what we eat. Good nutrition and portion control are what take the weight off and keep it off. Exercise is what keeps our bodies fit.

So, if you want to become fitter, swimming is wonderful cardiovascular exercise.

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6/25/14 9:13 A

I have a pool and I jog in it sometimes but I was wondering if anyone has gotten in shape working out in the pool? I have thought about getting the dvd's for pool workouts but wanted to find out before I spend the money.

Thank you for your help.

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