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25OPTIMIZE Posts: 18,109
12/1/11 6:49 P

Try this for how to make a vision collage:

KATH32 Posts: 22
12/1/11 2:24 P

Thanks! Tell me more about the vision board. I went to the gym last night and did Flexibar/shape work out class and just finished my 20 minute work out with Jillian M Shred!

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11/30/11 11:35 P

Kath, I am positive your will succeed. Why?.............Well I'm sure not a fortune teller. LOL But I know you want it. Hey, I am, after a year and a half going to start on a vision board. What do you think. Are you up to that? LET'S DREAM. LET'S FAKE IT TILL ME MAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KATH32 Posts: 22
11/30/11 11:00 P

Yea a lot of changes have taken place. thanks for your support as I do get down and wonder if I will ever get back to where I was at before my marriage and child. Although I wouldn't change neither one for anything in the world!

KATH32 Posts: 22
11/30/11 10:56 P

I like your positive attitude and plan tomorrow to start fast break goals. While my son naps I will decide on them! I think your right that small changes will make a difference and it some where to start anyways.

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11/30/11 10:13 P

Cleo, thank you for giving me an "aha" moment.

25OPTIMIZE Posts: 18,109
11/30/11 7:46 P

Hi Kath, and welcome back.

With a husband and toddler in the house, and not necessarily sharing the same goals as you right now, I suggest you set your FastBreak goals, and then work on them. Start with three things that you can change in your life, that doesn't affect or put pressure on the others. Drinking the 8 glasses of water, going to the gym you belong to three times a week, and starting to blog about your journey on a daily basis are three great goals that you could work on.

The SparkPeople program takes us where we are, and then lets us decide our own goals. We are supported and motivated along the way, and are given lots of information so we can start making better choices in our life. It isn't a huge radical change all at once, that isn't sustainable down the road. It's about learning to fit in a new healthy habit into our life, and once it's ingrained into our daily lifestyle, adding another one, and then another one.

Small changes - they truly add up over time.

Reaching out to others on the message boards is a great way to get support, if you aren't able to get it from those close to you at home. The community here is very good at doing that.

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11/30/11 3:30 P

KATH, sounds like you have had alot of changes in your life. I struggle sooo much but what I am learning is to not be so "down on myself". Usually better said then done. You are already headed in the right direction. You are back and that is HUGE.

KATH32 Posts: 22
11/30/11 2:49 P

Hi everyone,

Well I have been here a few times but now ready to actually do something. I am not sure what that something should be though, where I should start. I managed to loose over 20 pounds some years ago back when I was single, no baby, now toddler but since having my son who is now 20.5 months old slowly the pounds are going back up and I feel sad about how I look. Now i don't look fat yet but it's creeping up the weight and I am starting to look pregnant again which I am not yet.

So I am here to say hi again, to say I need someone to point me in the right direction as to where to start in my weight loose journey. It's hard cause I have a hubby that doesn't eat that healthy, and a toddler to feed. I have the Jillian Michael shred and I belong to a gym. Just started to work out there again since the summer. Not a good summer my dad died among other things.

Thanks for any help and support

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