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12/27/13 1:04 P

GrammyNSC: have you tried salad in a ball jar? My kids and I make these on Sundays, and then put them in the fridge so they can just grab one out, shake it up (because everything is in there, even the dressing) and pour it on a plate or eat it right out of the jar.

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12/27/13 12:53 P

Genre009: OK, so my husband is looking for something cheaper than the Vitamix to keep at work...looks like the Nutribullet might fit the bill. I have some questions. I looked on Amazon and there is the Nutribullet and the Nutribullet Pro,....and the Pro is 40% higher priced. Do you need the Pro? Or does the regular Nutribullet work just fine? Can you compare it to the Vitamix....does it do as good of a job? We bought a Ninja and thought that it would be "good enough" for a "sometimes used work blender" and really, it wasn't because it left stuff too chunky to drink. Do you have to take the Nutribullet completely apart to clean it or can you rinse it and blend clean water in it to get it relatively clean. I would love to find something for my husband to keep at work.

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12/27/13 12:46 P

DIDS70, have you ever used avacado to smooth it? We buy avacado and let them go almost to the point of being overripe and then freeze them and use them in smoothies. I agree with making the smoothest smoothies with bananas, but sometimes I can't take any more of the sweetness. Avacado doesn't really add any taste at all, I've found. Pretty high in fat, but use just a little and I guess it's good fat.

Are you saying that you use the left over fiber from your juicer to make crackers and pizza crust?

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12/27/13 12:42 P


Vitamix isn't paying me anything.....I am just in love with what it does for our family. Makes it so much easier, since we're on the go being two parents with full time jobs with three kids in various sports needing to be shuttled here or there. My husband wanted one for work so he could blend for lunch and I couldn't see spending that kind of money for that I bought him a Ninja last year for Christmas. We took it back a day later because it didn't work as well. Now he makes lunch smoothies at home and brings them to work in a cooler. I've heard that the Blendtec blender is just as good (and equally pricey) but I don't have any first hand experience there (there are some nice comparison videos on Youtube that seem to indicate they're equal). My 47 year old broth quit smoking after 30 years of the habit, and he told me that he and h is wife were making smoothies in their regular kitchen blender to try to eat healthier. I bought him a Vitamix and he loves it too and tells everyone who will listen. It's not a necessity, I suppose you can blend in a normal blender, but I enjoy appliances that work well (and I enjoy that I don't have to take the Vitamix apart everytime I use it which I did have to do with my old blender).

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12/27/13 12:10 P

i have been making green smoothies for the past 4 years. I have one each day at least and sometimes more- it depends. I no longer use recipes or at least I don't use the quantities in the recipes. I don't use dairy and i never use tofu, but I find that bananas and mangoes smooth it out. I don't lose any fiber in my smoothies. I think you lose fiber in juices, but even then i don't lose the fiber because I use it in crackers and pizza crusts.

my green smoothies ease my digestive system when i do something stupid like eat processed food or something fried or something dairy.

i have the vitamix and to the PP- vitamix is not paying me anything. I love the blender. it is awesome. I am looking into a nutribullet as well.

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12/26/13 3:30 P

Ok, how much money is Vitamix paying you to post on all these health board sites? Be honest, if you can....................

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12/26/13 3:22 P

I'm glad I found this thread. I have been looking for some new recipes as I feel like there is so much more I can do! The Vitamix was literally the best purchase I have ever made for my kitchen (AFTER my husband finished rolling his eyes because I spent so much money on a "blender" lol.) Our family of 5 uses the Vitamix every single day, multiple times. Kids are 9, 10, and 18 years old and each of them wakes up each morning and lines up the veggies and fruits they want in their smoothie each morning. Tip, when we are using the smoothie as a meal (usually breakfast) we put a half cup per person of raw Quaker Oats into it. Doesn't really change the taste (not much anyway), but adds some bulk that makes you feel full longer.

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10/1/13 1:10 A

I have both the Vita mix, and the Nutri-bullet. I like the Nutri-bullet cause it liquefies the stuff. If you don't know what to make, try buying a healthy juice book, probably in the health food store. But basically it's mostly vegetables, and 1/2 of two or one fruit! Don't do all fruit, cause it can throw you into a sugar rush and damage your pancreas. Kale is highly nutrious. You can use a whey protein with your juices, or do 1 block of tofu, and 1/2 glass of almond or skim milk. If you not real fussy you could put seaweed/thyroid, or ground flax/ anti-inflammatory, or nuts/anti-inflammatory, or plain or non-fat yogurt or greek for the calcium or protein, or wheat germ/ builds red blood cells, syillium/as fiber for bowels, or probiotics/ anti- inflammatory & much more. If you're just wanting a beverage without the excessive calories, then don't put calcium into the protein. A nice regular drink that just is nice to drink, is honey dew & green apple. I swear it tastes like Mountain Dew. Some of you drinks will be too thick, so you might want to add more water or liquid. That's why I suggested maybe getting a book to help you. If you really want to do this get the Nutri-bullet. Hope this helps. eva.

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9/30/13 11:39 P

Kale,collards, spinach,apples

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9/30/13 11:39 P


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9/30/13 11:01 P

I didn't read all the responses so if this has been said, sorry, but there is a Nutri Bullet team on Spark and a green smoothie team as well. I don't know how active they are.

I have a Nutri Bullet and really love it, make all kinds of smoothie.

My current favorite is coconut milk and dark sweet cherries. Very energizing.

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9/30/13 8:51 P

Try this skim milk, plain yogurt, fresh baby spinach, kale, and a teaspoon of honey for flavor. You can add a protein powder to it but watch for added sugars when using these. Enjoy!

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9/30/13 8:32 P

What kind of real food will you be eating the rest of the day? After the smoothie thing gets old, you will be wanting some real food, I assure you!

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9/30/13 7:50 P

Last year I bought a Vitamix, which I highly recommend.
The green smoothies can rack up a lot of calories and can also blend away the useable fiber in the things that you are mixing into your drink. Some people drink them and swear by them. I have decided that I love them, but that they are not my mainstay.
I think it's an excellent way to get leafy greens, and of course, you should only use organic greens, and alternate your greens.
Instead of a lot of fruit, I use low sugar fruit, like some apple and then instead of water I use coconut water and lemon. So, lot's of greens, as little fruits as possible and coconut water and ice because this will naturally sweeten the greens. There is a great website, '' re: blend it and mend it. she's pretty fun to watch.

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9/25/13 8:52 P

I LOVE green drinks in my nutribullet. Stay away from anything like Naked or Bolthouse farms. They are FULL of sugar. My favorite green drink is 1/2 frozen banana, little bit of frozen mango, lots of spinach, water or coconut milk, a few cashews. Delish! You don't even taste the spinach.

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9/25/13 11:58 A

Bolthouse Farms has some good tasting smoothies. On their website they have the nutrition label on there. You can use plug it in the tracker. They do have a green smoothie.

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9/25/13 8:58 A

I see a lot of folks saying they have a Nutribullet. Well, I do too, and I love it. I make a green smoothie for breakfast almost every morning. If you really want to get into it and make mornings a little easier, you can do some of the prep in advance. I take ziploc baggies and weigh/measure all of my fruit for one smoothie into it--say, 1/2 banana, 3/4 c. strawberries, 1/4 cup blueberries, 1/4 cup pineapple. I make a group of those and toss them all into the freezer. Then in the morning, all I have to do is grab the spinach from the fridge, put it in the bottom of my smoothie cup, dump the contents of one ziploc baggie on top, add water, and blend. It takes less than two minutes every morning and is a great way to start the day.

Good luck with your smoothies. It's a lot of fun once you get the hang of it!!!

GRAMMYNSC Posts: 669
9/25/13 8:22 A

I can't do smoothies, shakes, protein drinks any of that kinda stuff! I have an adversion to that texture and I need bulk I like lots of food on my plate....I don't like alot of veggies but I do love green beans I eat about 2 cups of them a day! even with breakfast! I also drink V8 cause 8oz gives you 2 servings...and I eat alot of salad and tomatos....banana chips and apples as well...
good luck
Love Kitty emoticon

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9/25/13 3:24 A

I'd prefer a nice stir-fry or salad rather than a smoothie! Less work!

LADYBIRD82 Posts: 1,700
9/24/13 8:13 P

You don' emoticon t like fruit or veggies? Good luck with that one...

9/13/13 1:29 P

This is one I have made recently (the beetroot was raw), it came to a total of 323 calories:

51g beetroot, 11g swiss chard, 2g parsley, 103g banana, 68g kiwi fruit, 5g flax seeds, 10g oats, 150g soya milk, 8g hemp protein powder, 1tsp ginger root

As a previous poster said, weigh/measure all ingredients before blending. I need to start using the 'grouping' function more often as I also think it would be much easier to tweak each time - how often do you make exactly the same smoothie? I have a couple of bags of frozen swiss chard and they are easy to add to any smoothie; I also keep frozen banana to use in the same way, or to make frozen banana and cocoa 'ice cream'.

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9/13/13 1:03 P

I have the vitamix and I drink a green smoothie for breakfast everyday.

I use a leafy green such as kale, collard greens, spinach or a combo.

I use 1-lemon

I use berries usually assorted (blue, straw, rasp, dark cherries, black)

I use a citrus like pineapple or peaches

Then I add a scoop of veggie protein powder

I use coconut water, rice milk and water

Awesome breakfast

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9/9/13 12:16 A

Congratz on getting started!

Just remember that this is a long journey. It will last the rest of your life. Making a series of small changes and letting them become habits is easier to maintain than going whole hog and restricting yourself to where you can't live a healthy lifestyle.

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9/8/13 11:44 P

I love my Nutra-Bullet. It's good for any smoothies.

MERLE641 Posts: 293
9/8/13 8:28 P

I love the jack la lane power juicer. Very powerful and easy to use and clean.

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9/8/13 8:07 P

Yeah, that nutria bullet is a good tool. If I want green I use Garden of Eden "Probiotics," the dry one sold on the shelf, not refrigerator, 3 tablets. Or I use any green, or kale, or seaweed. It's nice to have a recipe cause otherwise it'll taste terrible.

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9/8/13 6:26 P

A few hints about tracking:

1. It is a pain in the neck when you first start, but as you get the things that you eat most frequently on your favorites list, it becomes MUCH easier. Don't give up!
2. If you track BEFORE you eat, that works much better. I generally plan out the whole day in the morning, and sometimes plan meals several days ahead of time.
3. Run the reports at the end of the day. This is a great way to learn about nutrition and to see what really works for you over time.

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9/8/13 6:17 P

buy a nutria-bullet, odd name but great product! they have a great book of step by step ideas, recipes and whole health mini programs that can get you started in the right direction!!

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9/8/13 6:12 P

Just measure and add each of the individual ingredients to your nutrition tracker.

You can use the groupings function in the tracker (it is one of the four tabs that you can search--third from the left) to easily repeat the same group of ingredients over and over again. You could also save each smoothie as a recipe and choose the recipe as a way of tracking.

I like the grouping function better for these sorts of things as it is easy to add or delete ingredients, where as a recipe is a set item of its own that can't be changed unless you create a whole new recipe.

You could try going to to see if people have already added green smoothie recipes there.

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9/8/13 3:40 P

hi all im new to this site ive been shown a few things by a friend who is also on here my diet starts as of tomorrow.

so having a look today so i know what to do, im planning on a green smoothie diet one thing i hate is fruit and veg its nasty stuff but for the last week ive been trying all sorts and found a few that are well drinkable lmao!

my question is adding it onto here? is there anyone on here that has green smoothies to their what ive eaten list and how did you go about adding it?

kinda stuck at this part but im gettin my head around it all

please and thank you as always
feel free to add me this time im hell bent on shifting my butt

DoingIT4theKidz xx

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