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10/17/12 8:28 P

As for arms there are a lot of machines but don't overwork them or it will cause more soreness than benefit. Truly two things (one I can't do at gym) and one I can...I learned in physical therapy and it helped my upper arms thin out. People say they can't lose the flab...well I did! I gained some back after not keeping up after PT but have the tools now.

Shoulder pulley (uses a chair, pulley, and door) the motions are great. I had to do 3 min of two types of pulls each 2-3x a week) after 5 weeks my arms looked great. This was in hand with using 2lb weights and doing a variety of workouts on them, normally 20 of each.

*I got my shoulder pulley on ebay for under $15 shipped and picked up my 2lb weights for $1 at a yard sale lol

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10/17/12 7:06 P

In that case just google tabata protocol and look for wikipedia.

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hi thanks the link you sent me doesnt show anything except for internet explorer cannot open page, hmmmm

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I think your goal weight is a little bit unrealistic. Or atleast, for me it would be. I suppose it just depends on the person. But as for your plan, I think you're doing great! Make sure to mix up your routine every now and again to work different muscles, and see better results. I also suggest doing more than running and strength training. Running actually doesn't burn nearly as many calories as people think it does, and it's a more strenuous workout, so you can't do it as long. I highly suggest biking, or using different machines at the gym.

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10/17/12 6:45 P

You have not really said exactly what you are doing for your weight lifting.

Your HIIT sounds fine except my own preference is to do it outside and following the Tabata Protocol [

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feedback, out and give me a input or suggestions to help me reach my goal, also i have really large arms for a lady, and now a days the wedding gowns are sleevless :( which i inherited from my grandmother and feel really self conscious in sleeveless tops let alone a wedding gown,

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GOAL W 126

Hi all, my wedding date is set too August 5, 2013

I pray i can reach my goal weight.

I started a exercise routine which consists of cardio on the treadmill (Interval training) then I go to do my strength training right after the treadmill, I alternate days with a 1 mile the next day will be a 3.2 mile) 5 days per week....I will walk 3 minutes and run 2 minutes until my goal distance has been met, then i will go work out on my strength training for 1 hour - 1.5 hours, before leaving the gym, on my 1 mile run day i will run another mile then i am done my workout for the day,
I also follow sparkpeople calorie count per day....its week 7 and i lost a total of 17 i inherited from my grandmother and feel really self conscious in sleeveless tops let alone a wedding gown,

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