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TWALKER0475 Posts: 296
5/13/13 9:19 A

You could try changing things up a little. For example, if you're consistently eating at the lower end of your calorie range try eating towards the upper end for a week, or vice versa.

You could also try increasing the intensity of your exercise by doing intervals. If you're currently walking try this: walk for 2 min at your nornal pace then speed walk or jog for 1 min, then back to normal pace for 2 min, then incrase the pace again for 1 min, etc. for the duration of your workout.

Stick with it, the scale will get moving again soon!

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,319
5/13/13 8:46 A

Check all the labels and labels and check sodium and sugar content of the foods you are eating...I also found that moving every 20 minutes all day long helps break a plateau and that along with several days of fewer carbohydrates and more protein can help get you off a plateau.

Having 3 ounces of protein at every meal helps stimulate the body into releasing fat hormones so maybe some protein rich cottage cheese, low sugar yogurt like fage plain with some berries to sweeten. Wheat bread stalled my weight so I now only eat toasted rye bread and it helps keep me full.

The information is not intended as medical advice.... it is what works for me.

EMILY0724 SparkPoints: (46,128)
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Posts: 1,970
5/11/13 9:14 A

I feel ya. I bounced within a range for a few weeks, then lost a couple and am now bouncing again. I've looked at my diet and even though I faithfully and honestly track my food, I was finding myself hungry between meals, Although it feels wrong, I am eating more at meals. I printed out the hunger-saiety scale and realized that I was not getting close to "pleasantly full" at meals. I have noticed that now I can go much longer without eating and have cut out some snacks. Those healthy, low calorie snacks add up!. I've been doing this for 3 days so I haven't seen any results yet. I'm feeling discouraged, like you. Keep your chin up. persistence equals results.

CHIRPGIRL SparkPoints: (14,364)
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Posts: 418
5/10/13 7:13 A

I read your post since I find myself in the same position. Just can't seem to break through this next barrier. The replies you've received are quite helpful and I think I'll look into the Plateau Busters.
You've done a fantastic job at losing weight -- hang in there and appreciate all that you've accomplished this far. You'll definitely reach your final goal!! emoticon

ODAT1117 SparkPoints: (161,998)
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Posts: 2,171
5/9/13 12:21 P

Hey, did you know that they don't consider it a plateau until it's been FIVE or SIX weeks?? I know! I was surprised, too! I'm using Spark Coach and I'm trying out the "Plateau Busting" program. Yeah, they said it's not a plateau until it's been 5 or 6 weeks and that everyone has times when they don't lose weight for a couple of weeks.

Soooooooooo.............I think it's AWESOME that you've lost all this weight and you are JUST NOW getting to a point where you are not having weekly weight loss. That is AWESOME!!

WAY TO GO!!! :-)

5/8/13 10:42 P

Yep. You are down to those last ten pounds. They melt off SLOWLY.

TORNADO91 SparkPoints: (9,010)
Fitness Minutes: (4,081)
Posts: 80
5/7/13 5:55 A

Ah, amazing how it makes sense when somebody else points it out. Thank you, I know you're right, guess I just needed some reassurance!

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (201,144)
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Posts: 27,414
5/7/13 5:37 A


It's only been two weeks. While a safe weekly weight loss would be 1-2 pounds per week, there will be weeks you don't lose. there will even be weeks you gain ! And that doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong. Also, the closer a person gets to a healthy weight for their height, the slower their loss is going to be. I know you want to lose 20 more pounds, but if your current height/weight are in a fairly healthy BMI range, you're going to notice your weight loss slow down. Someone who is morbidly obese could lose 1-2 per week. Someone with less to lose will have a slower loss.

So, don't assume something is wrong because you haven't lost in a couple of weeks. Let's put a positive spin on this. In the last two weeks, you haven't gained any weight. That does say you're doing something right. For now, you might want to read some of the spark articles on plateaus.

Mostly, it does sound like you just need to be more patient with your body.

TORNADO91 SparkPoints: (9,010)
Fitness Minutes: (4,081)
Posts: 80
5/7/13 5:16 A

I have been doing pretty well, i eat well and exercise daily, usually. i have been bouncing back and forth between the same 2 pound range for over 2 weeks now and i am really starting to get frustrated. i have tried changing my routine, both exercise and eating, and just can't get the scale to move. anybody have any motivation for me, tips to help? i just don't know what to do anymore! i am still going strong but i don't know how to change it up, and i still have about 20 more pounds to lose. thanks in advance (:

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