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10/4/12 9:27 A

Okay, this sounds counter intuitive, but it has worked for me over the years when I hit a serious plateau, not sure why. If I've been curtailing the carbs for a long time, I go have some high carb treat, like a pineapple sundae. The next morning, the scales will have dropped a pound or more, and I'm back on my regular eating schedule.......of course there's always the danger that you'll fall off the wagon and go to binging, but if you have the self control to do it once, it's also a nice break.

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10/3/12 8:30 P

Hi - I went back a couple weeks on your nutrition tracker, and IF you enter everything you eat and ALL your meals into it, then would be inclined to think that that is the main problem. There are many days where you eat under 1200 calories, including under 1000 calories. SP recommends 1200 calories as a very minimum for an average woman who is sedentary. UNDER-eating can cause a myriad of problems - long-term damage to bones, organs, eyesight, etc. etc. A bigger person NEEDS to eat more calories than the average weight person , and we need to eat ALL meals because when you under-eat or skip meals it encourages your body to hang onto every little morsel it gets.

There are many ways that you can get your exercise in that doesn't require your being on your feet. There are loads of chair exercises. I get the bulk of my exercise in just by putting my groceries and laundry away one at a time. Sometimes I can manage 30 minutes, and other times 10 minutes because of pain (skeletal issues) and/or fatigue, but it all helps. The beauty of this is that you can sit when the going gets rough, but you don't have to walk anywhere to do so.

Do you know the reason for your sore feet? Sometimes it is because of poor shoe choice, and sometimes things like flat feet. If this is the case, ensure that you have good footwear with proper supports - sometimes it needs the intervention of a podiatrist for proper fitting orthotics. Some people have plantar warts and they can be easily treated, but if you don't know the cause, then perhaps a visit to your Dr to be diagnosed and treated would be best. THEN you can get on with this journey with less impinging on it.


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10/3/12 8:19 P

Congrats on losing 27 pounds. emoticon

It was a real eye-opener when I found out that exercise wasn't supposed to hurt. I was listening to an interview with a runner who said that she judged how long and fast her run would be based on how good her legs felt. I had no idea that your legs could feel good and still run.

So find something to do that doesn't hurt. I can't do yoga, but I can do pilates. I don't run any more, but I can walk. Find something that you like that doesn't hurt. Better yet, find several things you like, and change it up so you don't get bored.

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10/3/12 8:04 P

Your body is amazing machine built for self-preservation. If you have been at a higher weight for some time, it gets stuck into thinking a heavier weight is the "right" weight for you. Your body thinks it may starve, so it is hanging onto every calorie, despite your best efforts. You just have to be persistent and consistent and outsmart it.

I agree with the advice on eating. Too few calories and your body won't let anything go. If you cut the food and up the exercise, you can create too big of a deficit and get stuck. I like to stick with a 500-calorie a day deficit created through food and exercise, such as cut 300 calories and burn 200 extra with exercise. That results in 1 pound a week. It seems to be a threshold that works with most people.

Do not cut carbs out. It is your body's main fuel source. And although those diets often result in short-term losses (carbs hang onto more water in your body), you will feel lousy and weak and unable to exercise or think clearly. And then your body starts cannibalizing muscle tissue to use for fuel. Once you drop the diet, you end up even heavier since you've lost muscle tissue, which unlike fat, actually burns calories at rest.

For calorie burning, I love intervals and circuit training because they both create an after-exercise burn. For example, if you walk, walk 2 minutes, jog 1 minute, walk 2. When you strength train, limit your rest between sets to none or just 30 seconds to help get your heart rate up. Or mix it up with some running in place or jumping rope in between a few sets.

Hang in there. You will get there. And don't worry so much about the scale. It's such a small part of living a healthy lifestyle. Your body is playing head games with you. It wants you to give up, feed it more or stop exercising. Don't give in.

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10/3/12 1:46 A


Are you eating your recommended calories or less? I've found that I tend to eat less, and not lose so much.

Also, are you losing inches? I was getting pretty discouraged til the tape measure told me I had lost nearly 6 or 7 inches in about 3 weeks.

I was in a size smaller jeans in a week. My size 20's float now, and my size 15 look darn good. Next goal is to fit the 13 pair sitting on my shelf.

Also, are you sure you are not retaining fluids? My legs are very swollen, so I know I. It's be retaining likely due to the absurd amount I am drinking for the constant thirst.

Also make sure you're eating small amounts all day so your body doesn't go into starvation mode.

If you are hurting when you are done exercising, you might be overdoing it. Honestly, all I am doing is walking and the 28 day boot camp, with a reasonable amount of calories.

If I starve myself, or do exercises I hate or that injure me, I know I would never keep it up.

I have dealt with chronic pain for 30 years, and with walking, even though I have to haul a walker and o2 tank, I have never felt better.

Baby steps! You can do it. Sorry for the tos. My iPad hates me.

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10/3/12 12:11 A

I hit a plateau a while back and I added a 12 pound kettlebell 2 days a week, and started trying to mix up my calories from 1200 (low end) to 1550 (my high end) every day. One or both of these helped a lot and I'm loosing 1-2 pounds a week, again, for about 4 weeks now. I'm also doing kettlebell 3x per week for 20 mins, on average. I have fused vertebra in my neck so if the neck starts feeling tight, I listen and just walk every day. I also have 3 lb hand weights I carry when I walk the trails 2-3 times per week.

Do what is safe for you,listen to your body and make sure you are getting enough calories. I believe you can add light weights and get results. I can't lift more Han 30 pounds, ever, without going against medical orders, but still see a difference w the light weight.

You can do this and I'm here for support, should you need anything or want to share when you bust through this plateau.

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10/2/12 11:36 P

OK so i spelled it wrong, but my feet hurt, so thats why I spelled it that way :)

I have been fighting my body to loose this weight. I have successfully lost 27! gained 8, lost 5, gained 3, lost 4 gained I, gain, loss, gain, loss, what in the world! I can't get past 222! I have officially hit a stalemate in my chess game of fat verses me!

SO I am praying, and seeking prayers and help and thinking of just flat out cutting carbs or something! I have changed up routine a bit, but not added weights.. do I need to do this now? blah I'm sick of exercising already! my body hurts! ... But I enjoy the exercise too.. and it makes me feel good, and look good.. so ..there it is..

HELP!! I'm ready to push past 222!

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