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10/5/12 11:37 A

We've made the switch to sweet Potato's and I really don't use beef any more. We do lots of poultry, which my family is doing really well with surprisingly. I think I have finally changed my families tastes.

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10/1/12 1:24 P

thank you for your advice i greatly appreciate it

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10/1/12 8:46 A

Use the leanest beef you can find. Switch to ground turkey for burgers and tacos (extra lean), he may not even notice. You could also go half and half. I use turkey or chicken bratwurst/sausage as well. You can have mashed potatoes or a baked potato, just be mindful of your portions. You could also try switching to sweet poatoes. My husband doesn't eat carbs, so I don't do casseroles or anything. I make one (huge) portion of our protein (burgers, tacos, sloppy joes, shrimp) then veggies on the side for me and our girls. Sometimes a grain, typically not, though. I do a lot of breakfast scrambles for my family, but just nmuke some egg whites with cheese & turkey sausage for me, low carb, whole wheat toast on the side. We also do bagged salad kits with the pre-cooked chicken strips a night a week or so.

You can cook for everyone the same, just be mindful of portions. You can always get some bagged salad and add a salad on the side for yourself, no dressing to have a little extra to help fill you up. Dole has the "Very Veggie Blend" which is quite tasty.

As for breakfast, try eggs or egg whites with some toast (I like to use Healthy LIfe Whole Wheat low carb, 70 calories for 2 pieces). I often mix in cheese and/or sausage with mine. Oatmeal is great, too.

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9/30/12 5:29 P

My husband also is meat and potatoes. He wants some kind of meat at every meal. He fixes his breakfast of sausage, eggs, and biscuits and I fix my breakfast. I either have a high fiber cereal, oatmeal with raisins, cinnamon and walnuts, or sauted spinach with and egg scrambled in it. I my husband likes his potatoes fried, fried, fried. I have started backing them more. I try to use leaner cuts of meats so we can both have a healthier meal. I also need more help in this area. I sometimes use the web site and click on healthy cooking for some good recipes.

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9/28/12 4:55 P

I am looking for recipes that are good for a family that likes meat and potatos . i dont want to make two different meals every night and my husband likes his meat and potatoes and as far as vegtable he only like potato and carrots cabbage corn green beans and peas in certain things me on the other hand will eat pretty much any vegtables but i am lacking protein but he thinks that steak and hamburger because of price is the better protein granted i cut the fat off the steaks and by a higher lean hamburger and usually dont eat bread with my meats its not what is doing for me and i need more protein in morning but dont like yogurt and will only eat certain nuts and cereal like corn flakes and rice crispies or cherrios please help emoticon

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