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7/2/13 11:31 P

we were going to the gym at least once a week or twice a week before his job. We bought the two years 24hour fitness membership for Costco and I feel like I would be wasting money if we didn't go since hes tired from his job. But we're going to try to go for at least 30 minutes on the days he have off.

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7/2/13 8:54 P

It doesn't count as a "workout", but he may need more calories regardless. Here's how you figure out how much more he'd need (if any):

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7/2/13 5:16 A

Congrats for making healthier lifestyle choices! You will have more energy, sleep better and be happier.

He does have a physically demanding job. Hitting the gym will actually help him not to feel as tired at the end of the day. Getting in some cardio will help increase his endurance. Dropping a few pounds will also make his work a little lighter.

Ask him to go to the gym with you for 2 weeks. Try starting out with 30 mins of cardio each time he goes. It might give him the incentive to build up to a little more.

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7/2/13 4:20 A

The PP has a really good idea with the going for a short walk at night.

It's awesome that your boyfriend has an active job, that will help SO much on the weight loss journey, but it's important to do other work outs that sustain the heart rate for an extended period of time.

A gym is also a good idea, but some people don't do well at gyms because they have to get up and go to them. There's a lot of really good home-based workouts that you and your boyfriend can do together that have just as much benefit as a gym and are cheaper and easier.

What I enjoy doing is going to the library and checking out oldschool exercise videos, do one for a week and then switch it up with a different one. By the time you work through their collection you will have gotten a new level of fitness.

Those videos are awesome too because half of the time you are working you are laughing at how ridiculous all the outfits were so it ends up being fun too. :)

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7/2/13 12:54 A

While a physical job certainly helps in being active, it typically doesn't really get your heart rate up for a sustained period. It is not really a substitute for the health and fitness benefits that you get from a more focussed cardio workout.

Improving his fitness through exercise will actually help him meet the demands of his job, and leave him less tired.

But I get that his physical job currently leaves him pretty tired, and going to the gym after that can seem unattractive. Perhaps one option would be to do more focussed exercise on weekends, rather than during the week.

Another option might be to do something moderate, like going for a 30 minute walk together in the late afternoon/early evening?


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7/1/13 11:45 P

My BF just started a new job at Firestone doing oil changes, moving tires.. etc. He said its pretty hard work, a lot of running around, carrying stuff. Hes pretty beat by the end of the day. He is overweight and we are both trying to get healthier(even though I'm skinny, I know I'm less fit than he is). Does his daily work count as a "workout"?
I'm still trying to get him to go to the gym(mainly cause I don't want to go by myself) but working 5 days a week 8 hours a day has him pretty tired.

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