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4/29/13 4:08 P

i figured it was too good to be true, guess ill just keep it to a step tracker and see how much i really walk around through out the day. I thought wearing this thing might be a good reminder for me to keep moving even while at home with the kids instead of just sitting around. Seems to be working at least for that

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4/29/13 3:14 P

There's something off.

What is off is that this device can't do that. It might be somewhat approximate for calories burned while walking or running, where you're "stepping", but not for just plain old everyday movement. That's why it's so low.

At 80c per 3 hours, you'd burn, if you kept up that activity all 24 hours, less than 700 calories in the entre day. Now we know that has to be wrong! It's wrong because it can't do calories burned for that kind of thing.

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4/29/13 12:46 P

Those devices really weren't designed to measure calories burned doing things like daily activities around the house, strength training workouts, etc... If you really want to know how many calories you burn during the day or even all day, you need something like a Body Bugg.

Body Buggs were designed to be worn all day so they'll be a bit more accurate when determining calories burned when you do housework. a pedometer really isn't designed to make that kind of calculation.

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4/29/13 12:27 P

I recently bought a pedometer that has a lot of functions such as cals burned, i can input my weight height stride length resting heart rate ect....ive calibrated it all and been using it all morning while i do 3 hours of nonstop housework and it says ive already burned 80 cals...granted 80 cals in 3 hours isnt much but im curious how accurate these things are. I can do distance, step count but right now i have it set to cals burned

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