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5/24/13 12:16 A

Maybe a behavioral therapist could help, if you are having panic attacks.

5/23/13 6:28 P

I would go back to your doctor and explain your symptoms in detail; panic attack symptoms tend to vary a bit from person to person, so it's always better to talk to your doctor in order to get a more accurate answer. I wish you the best of luck!

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5/23/13 4:39 P

sorry, I just didn't want to retype the whole msg. I've been using my elliptical for years, am a 53 y.o. female in good health (just saw the doctor about this). He gave me the anti-anxiety med Xanax, but I'd like to figure out whay this happens mostly after being on my elliptical? thanks!

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Hi, Lisa !

Did you recently begin an exercise routine ? Do you feel these symptoms when you do any other type of activity ? Do you have any pre-existing medical conditions like a heart condition ? Were you cleared by your doctor to start exercising ? because we don't know anything about you, no one here can tell you why these things are happening. We don't know if you're 18 or 80. If you're 10 pounds overweight or even a 100 pounds.

If you feel like you're experiencing some distress when you're exercising, then you should give your doctor a call. Perhaps these are symptoms that you're over exerting yourself. It could be a result of high blood pressure. That's just a guess on my part. All of us would be taking guesses because we don't know anything about you.

That's why you really should give your doctor a call, just to err on the side of caution.

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5/23/13 4:07 P

Hi, I posted this under the fitness and exercise board too. Can you help me figure out why I have dizziness, tingling around my mouth and down my arms and legs, tight chest and feels like a puffy face after being on my elliptical? I've been doing my elliptical for years and have just recenly developed this.....thanks

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