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4/8/13 9:51 A

Depending on where you live you may be able to buy syrup directly from the farmer. I just picked up my yearly supply of maple syrup for $39/gallon. (I use it to sweeten my baked goods instead of table sugar.)

My username is Just Eat Real Food because I really think food in as close to it's natural state as possible is the best for our bodies. So if I were to eat corn, I would eat whole kernels of corn, not a corn product like corn sugar, syrup or oil.

I also like the idea of using fruit on pancakes. I use a cup of chopped frozen berries mixed with 2 Tbsps of real maple syrup on my waffles or pancakes. So good. emoticon

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4/8/13 7:49 A

whether or not corn syrup is better for you than hfcs depends on your reasoning for hfcs being bad for you.

while i think i get what you mean by natural, keep in mind that there isn't a legal definition for natural, so anywhere you might see natural on a label it's about as useful as seeing happified or nom.

now as far as corn syrup goes, you could actually make corn syrup at home if you had the time and bothered about it. hfcs you can't make at home unless you happen to be an amateur chemist at home and have an excellent laboratory to boot.

you could also try to make some of your own at home. a local cafe here uses brown sugar, dissolves it in water, adds a bit of citrus zest and heats it. it's insanely simple and it's easy to make just a Tablespoon or so. i know that of the last two times i had bought pancake syrup it sat in my fridge taking up space forever and the other time i kept making things to put it on to use it up. so just making my own keeps my fridge freed up for things i use more often.

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4/8/13 7:19 A

I've occasionally used some of that no-sugar added fruit spread (you know, the stuff that's like jam, it's sold near the jams & jelly in the grocery store) warmed in the microwave a bit til it's pour-able.

In and of itself, I do not think corn syrup or HFCS is evil. Here's a Spark article on it:

Even if you used real maple syrup, or honey-- you're still talking about "sugar" in one of it's forms. Just because it's *real* maple syrup, doesn't mean we can use more of it. The point is to limit our overall use, no matter what the source is. Whether it's sugar in our coffee, syrup on our pancakes, honey on our toast, sweetened applesauce, half a candy bar for a treat-- it all adds up.

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4/8/13 6:37 A

I second the berry solution - even whirred in a blender to a 'sauce' consistency if desired.
Honey may work, if you can't access natural maple syrup, if that's your preference.

There's lots of things you can use that are not syrups, but the fruit idea is a great one.

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4/8/13 12:32 A

What about using some sliced berries?

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,529
4/7/13 11:52 P

I don't thin that would be a problem. Sometimes I use that type of syrup.

Do you have a Sams Club? They sell big jugs of maple syrup, for the same price as the small jugs of syrup at other stores. And also you can save a boatload on paper towels and toilet paper.

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4/7/13 10:37 P

I was looking at all the different kinds of pancake syrups and was hoping to find a reasonably priced natural one from actual maple syrup. The cheapest one was slightly under $7.00 and then I looked at another one. This one had no high fructose corn syrup, it still has what I would assume to be regular corn syrup. My question is corn syrup better when its not high fructose orr should I still be concerned? I eat waffles for breakfast, usually 2 times week. Will using a non-natural one be unhealthy if I am not using it a lot? More like in moderation and sparingly. I would buy natural, its just to pricy at the moment until I find a good version or look at othe rstores besides the three I was at today.

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