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KSUGIRL93 SparkPoints: (28,142)
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1/24/13 12:46 P

I have friends doing it, I see lots of folks doing a "version" of it. I was very interrested and really like some of the recipes I have read; however, I can not commit to a diet that deprives me of things I like such as dairy. So for that reason I am just using Sparks nutrition tracker to make sure I am getting the nutirents I need within the calorie range I desire for weight loss. I think the best way to do Paleo is if you have a garden or live in an area where you have constant access to a large variety of fresh fruits and veggies. Here in the midwest pickings can be slim in the winter months and fresh fish can also be a problem to find. Best of luck to those of you going paleo tho, I really wish I could do it. I am envious!

CBR0422UNCW SparkPoints: (3,447)
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1/24/13 12:30 P

Mine is about 80/20 paleo (or maybe more primal, b/c I allow some cheese occasionally and gf bread) but it's not really intentional. All whole foods, free of: gluten, wheat, dairy milk, soy, corn, HFCS, refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, GMO foods, chemical crap and over-processed garbage. I also eat low GI when possible.

AKOLL09 SparkPoints: (17,114)
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1/24/13 12:03 P

Mine is paleo inspired too. Tons of veggies, fruits and proteins. I still consume dairy and eggs because I feel like they have their place. But my main goal was to get away from processed foods and I'm succeeding with ease. I have learned its not important to follow a diet perfectly as long as you are making smart choices and following a healthy plan you can stick to long term. The paleo diet is a great starting point, but I will never be able to cut dairy out completely!

JENG829 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/24/13 11:55 A

I still eat a paleo-inspired diet... which means that I primarily eat veggies, fruits, meats, fish, eggs, good fats. Although it's not considered "paleo", some grains and legumes are in my diet, just in smaller portions. I feel so much better not relying on processed foods and grains as the staples of my diet... instead they are supplements.

SPICEMWE SparkPoints: (30,671)
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1/24/13 9:21 A

My husband is doing the green faces diet, which is similar to paleo in that it's a low carb diet. Low carb can bring results, but you have to stick with it. I've noticed that any sort of small deviation can be tough on the body.

MATREXX Posts: 579
1/24/13 9:10 A

Similar - low carb so no grains or grain products or fruit. Can't do paleo though as I don't eat dairy or red meat.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
1/24/13 8:52 A

something similar but not exact--vegan raw.

1/24/13 8:51 A

anyone doing the paleo diet?

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