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6/15/13 7:21 P

my knees are so painful have to sit on a chir cant sit on the sofa

MELAYAHM SparkPoints: (47,525)
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8/24/12 1:33 A

Well , I've ordered a new bike (which was supposed to be ready yesterday, grr!). And they said they'll set it it up properly so that I'm sitting correctly so it takes the pressure off my knees. My last bike was just dropped off to me by the insurance after my original was stolen, i didn't even get to choose it, let alone have it set up for me. So I'll be able to cycle the 2.5 miles to and from work every day at least. Physio would likely take months to even get to see one, and that would only be if the doc thought I was a worthy case which clearly she doesn't yet. I have another avenue if things get worse, we have a sports therapist in town who I've been to before ( for my daughter's ankle) so i might pay her to have a look

FIT4MEIN2013 SparkPoints: (144,741)
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8/23/12 11:24 P

My knees hurt so bad I could hardly walk at times. I started taking Arnica tablets (natural remedy) when they are bad. The pain is releived within hours. I also ride the bike at least 3 days/week for 1/2 hour which seems to help. I am lifting weights, doing a Fitball class and Circuit training 3 times/week. I can finally take stairs normally again and sleep at night without the severe pain.

JULIA1154 Posts: 1,783
8/23/12 11:13 P

I'd check on whether you can have a few visits with a physical therapist to learn to strengthen the muscles and ligaments around/supporting your knees.

It seems to me an x-ray might have been in order, too, in order to know exactly what condition your bones are in.

At any rate, do try physical therapy. Tai Chi and Pilates (as well as swimming and walking) may help, too. Yoga can be hard on knees so I'd avoid it for a while.

Good luck!

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,689
8/23/12 12:09 P

"Is it different in the US, where you pay for your health care so they're more inclined to find something wrong to prescribe costly drugs for? We complain about paying £7.60 for prescriptions, but I know that's peanuts compared to what you pay over there."

No, not my doctors! They do all they can to keep me OFF prescription drugs.

Besides, finding something wrong doesn't means drugs.... it can mean diet, it can mean exercise, it can means physical therapy, it can mean surgery. Drugs aren't the answer to all medical issues, here or anywhere else.

The few things DH and I do take are LESS than the ~$12 you mention in pounds. Mine is $7.50 and his is $10.

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GOTTAPLAN4U Posts: 290
8/22/12 2:46 P

Hi Melayam,
The good news is there are leg exercises that should be done to strengthen the muscles that stabilize the knee. This results in less force transferred to your painful joint. These exercises are very well documented - you can google them and they are easy to do. Progress is made in the number of repetitions and leg weights used.

MELAYAHM SparkPoints: (47,525)
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8/22/12 11:56 A

Hi again

As suspected, the dr. poked and manipulated my knees, said that there was some rough cartilage at the back of the patella, and a bit of fluid at the front of the knee, but nothing to worry about, and doing exercise was more important than what was going on with my knees. If they well up like balloons, then go back. Par for the course, I don't know why I bother with going to the dr's most times. Is it different in the US, where you pay for your health care so they're more inclined to find something wrong to prescribe costly drugs for? We complain about paying £7.60 for prescriptions, but I know that's peanuts compared to what you pay over there.


MELAYAHM SparkPoints: (47,525)
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8/22/12 2:59 A

Thanks to everyone for your replies. So it looks like a trip to the doc's. I'm a bit wary of that as it seems that iocten go to the dr's and they can't find anything easily diagnosable and say something like 'give it another couple of days/weeks'.
Also, cycling. I used to cycle everywhere when i was in my 20's, so I'm no stranger to it, and evrything I've read says cycling is a great low impact sport, but I find that it is hell on my knees, the pushing down motion is the same as walking up stairs, and it doean't matter whether it's my own bike or an exercise bike. It also hurts my 'sitting' bones!

MSANITAL Posts: 8,060
8/21/12 7:34 P

I agree with what everyone is saying to see your Doc.. I have server arthritis . bone on bone. I have good days and bad days.. winter is a killer.. that is why I go for a cortozone shot..
to work out.. one I cannot run, I do jog but like today I had to back off and just walk..
but riding my bike never hurts and of course swimming..
hope that helps

8/21/12 6:20 P

I can relate to the painful knee problem. First, check with your doctor about possible limitations. Secondly, get moving. I was a runner but hurt myself, had surgery and a very long recovery. It wasn't until I started riding a bicycle that my knees stopped "talking" to me. I have been riding for about 4 months now and I have very little pain. My doctor kept telling me to find something that I could do and enjoy and then don't stop. I have finally found something that works. I feel so much healthier and you will too.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,689
8/21/12 4:16 P

I think you need to ask your doctor what you are cleared to do.
Knees are very tricky... and some things can do them more harm than good!

MELAYAHM SparkPoints: (47,525)
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8/21/12 4:05 P

Any tips for exercising with painful, crunchy knees? Actually, the crunching doesn't hurt in itself, just sounds horrible, the pain comes if I press down too hard, like walking up stairs, or doing lunges ( and no, I don't put the knee over the toes, hurts before I ever get that far anyway). and are there any exercises that will strengthen up the knees specifically, to help with this? you never realise how much you use your knees until they start giving you gyp from ordinary things.


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