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8/5/13 9:53 A

I have a shorter leg due to medical malpractice during a balloon catheter as a baby. (no joke) I don't have an artery in my right leg, but the body is amazingly adaptable! Instead of my leg being amputated as the docs initially said, some veins took over and wala! It lives! lol

I wore leg braces as a kid and sometimes special shoes. As an adult, I don't; but I should, because I've developed problems as a result of the difference.

I don't have advice beyond see your doctor, or an orthopedist. I have an apt. coming up m'self.

Good luck and feel better soon!!!

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8/5/13 7:41 A

I agree that you should talk to your doctor. Maybe you need special shoes or a shoe insert to compensate for the shorter leg?

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8/4/13 11:05 A


Overuse injuries related to a biomechanical problem like unequal leg length are a different kind of animal than simple overuse problems from too much activity or improper technique or training, so I think it would be important to talk to your doctor about the worsening pain right away. There is a potential for doing damage that could have long-term consequences.

Hope this helps.

Coach Dean

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8/4/13 10:50 A

Well one of my legs is longer than the other and i'm a soccer player. A doctor told me it causes my left outer shin muscle to be severely over worked. its really painful but I can still walk. Am i risking any further damage by playing in the semi finals and finals. The pain gets worse every game.

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