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1/12/14 7:04 P

I think you were on the right track - track what you eat on the nutrition tracker, freeze the rest. Then, be ready with a game plan for the next time people come over.

You got this!

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1/12/14 4:04 P

Halve the recipe and halve the size of the scones. Then challenge yourself to make a healthier scone. When I was a cook in a Rest Home, I decided to experiment with Scones. After putting my thinking cap on I came up with, and made, Orange, Wheatgerm, Chocolate Chip and Honey Scones. The orange included the zest. There was a fair bit of wheat germ, not too many chocolate chips, and the bulk of the sweetening was the honey. They were yummy and quite nutritious.


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1/12/14 3:25 P

great idea! thanks :D

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1/12/14 2:18 P


I was always taught that when guests come to the house, you should have something to serve them. There's nothing wrong with baking. Yes, scones can be very high in calorie. but here's something to consider for future, make smaller sized scones. Let's say your recipe makes 6-8 large scones. Then why not re-size the scones into smaller sizes. So, instead of 6-8 large scones, make 12-16 half/mini scones. serve the mini scones with slices of kiwi, banana, cantaloup, berries or low fat whipped cream.

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1/12/14 12:26 P

Isn't it funny how we have conditioned ourselves to provide certain foods for certain get-togethers? A friend recently showed up to a Xmas get-together for approx. 8 people with a dozen bakery cookies and a whole pie! Eventhough most of my friends are health conscious, they feel the need to bring these things for the group and then everyone ends up eating it because it's all that is available. HOWEVER, when I put out fresh fruit, spiced nuts, and a cheese and olives plate, everyone is happy to eat that instead. Of course, even that isn't on everyone's "diet" but I would take it over cookies and pie any day!

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1/12/14 11:47 A

thanks for your suggestions - that's certainly a way I can approach the situation when it happens again.

I did bake the scones - we each had one and I wrapped and froze the rest. The three chocolate covered biscuit bars my friend brought were eaten by none of us - and no-one would take them home - so I put them in the food digestor in my garden!

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1/12/14 11:10 A

Maybe make a fruit and cheese plate, or another healthy finger food. As you said, your friends will likely bring goodies of their own, so make something a bit different that fits into your healthy lifestyle a little better than biscuits and scones.

Crackers, cheese, some nice deli meats, vegetables and fruit could go a long way, and a tray like that feels fancy, even when it is just simple. When I do something like that, I will usually do something like this:

lean, low-sodium deli ham
smoked turkey
whole grain crackers
cherry tomatoes
a 'hard' cheese, like cheddar
a 'soft' cheese, like a brie

Sounds like a lot, but you are only putting out for 3 people. So, 12 crackers, 3 ounces of each deli meat, 6 each of the fruit, 6 each of the vegetables, and 3 ounces of each cheese. The deli meats can be rolled up into 1 ounce servings and pinned with a tooth pick to make them easier to eat.

I know this is not the same as baking, but it doesn't sound like you really need to. So give yourself a break, and choose items that, if you have left overs, won't make you feel guilty for eating them.

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1/12/14 10:35 A

Bake the scones and if there are any left send them home with your friends.

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1/12/14 5:46 A

It's Sunday morning.
I have two friends coming over this afternoon for a discussion group.
I have an overwhelming urge to cook up a batch of scones.
I know the scones will be a problem for me if there are any left - can I cook just 3 scones?

They might bring biscuits (cookies) or other munchies with them too.

I have bananas I could offer them to eat instead.

I want to do the baking thing ---------

later: oh well, no reply, so I made cheese scones and counted them on my tracker

Am I using their visit as an excuse to bake scones?

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