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9/25/12 1:16 P

Where I live, the gestational diabetes test is mandatory for ALL pregnancies, regardless of the mother`s age or size, so I wouldn`t worry about that having anything to do with your size. I gained a lot of weight in my first pregnancy (I was about 150 before pregnancy, and 220 when I gave birth) when i became pregnant with my second, I still weighed around 200. I lost weight during the first 6 months of my second pregnancy, just by light exercise and eating carefully, which minimized the amount of weight gain, and I actually weighed less when I gave birth to my second child, than my first. My advice, listen to your doctor, walk daily, and pay attention to what you eat.

ZOLA_NATALIE Posts: 1,512
9/24/12 5:57 P

I'm glad that you talked to your doctor about this. Follow their advice!! Severe dieting is not safe while pregnant. My son is now 5 months old and when I got pregnant I was obese. I initially lost some weight after I got pregnant but gained 40 throughout. The important thing to do is to keep moving and eat healthy. These good habits will pay off when your little one comes. Congrats and be sure to join one of the spark teams for pregnant women. The common support goes a long way.

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9/16/12 8:40 P

congrats on your pregnancy!!!! I will be 8 weeks post partum tomorrow and am 230 pounds at 5-4!! I actually gained weight and was about 220 when she was born!!- Usually the only thing with the weight is its a bit harder during delivery supposedly!! Your docs will take good care of you--try to choose healthier options when eating and keep your gain to a minimal!!

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9/16/12 8:17 P

Congrats! on the pregnancy, that is exciting news. I don't know if this will help you but I was told that it is safe to lose weight while you are pregnant something to do with the hcg levels in your body during pregnancy, if you are eating at a deficiency the baby will just take food from your fat stores, that may be an option for you if you want to get down to a more healthy weight before you deliver, of course I would discuss it with your doctor and do research on it first, I knew a lady with only ate about 500 cal. a day when she was pregnant and she and the baby were both healthy.

KELLY5577 Posts: 7
9/16/12 6:43 P

ANyone else overweight and pregnant? I am 260 and just found out I was pregnant - I am thrilled but nervous! With my first pregnancy I was only 200 so significantly less...
I am worried about complications from being overweight? I just had my 1st visit and my dr said not to be concerned but to just make healthy choices and walk 20 minutes a day. Has anyone been through this? Also, I had to get a gestational diabetes te she said because I was 35...I think it is more because of my weight though??

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