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5/9/13 9:53 A

It could be stress and hormones. Have you had your thyroid checked? The first thing I would do along with making a doctor's appointment is to sit down and look at how many calories you are actually burning. If you have a heart rate montior this would help. Make sure when you set your fitness goals that you are putting in close to what you are actually burning so that your daily calorie range is accurate.

I don't know how tall you are, but 1300 calories seems low to me if you are exercising regularly. You could be sending your body into starvation mode. Try to eat at the top of your calorie range instead of the bottom. You could also try calorie cycling. Eat a different amount of calories each day. Your body could be in a rut. If all else fails try going off plan for a week. Give your body a rest. Eat good food and get plenty of sleep, maybe even two weeks. Then start again and see how your body responds.

Also, pay attention to your sodium intake. It could be your electrolytes are out of balance and you are retaining water. Do you drink at least 8 glasses a day? If you are sweating a lot you probably should be drinking more than that.

Good luck and I hope things get better for you.

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5/9/13 8:55 A

thank you all for your kind words, I was thinking this morning while I rode the stationary bike how everybody seems to want everything (my kids & husband) . It's all so overwhelming that taking a time out from the whole thing & doing what I love is what the dr. will say.

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5/8/13 11:51 P

I would have your cortisol levels tested.

EDENFELL Posts: 212
5/8/13 11:14 P

Hi, sorry you're going through so much; I'd suggest taking some time off from being stressed about weight and just focusing on taking care of yourself. Sometimes it helps to just take a break and focus only on good things that make you happy. emoticon

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5/8/13 9:47 P

I can relate. I exercise daily, also eat allotted calories and I haven't lost anything in a few months. My doctor told me it's because I'm stressed out (4 kids, 2 dads who aren't helpful and cause more problems than anything). I would say make sure you are tracking to the T and go to the doctor and find out what it is. My unofficial diagnosis is stress.

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5/8/13 5:20 P

Make sure you are tracking everything, and I DO mean everything, you are eating. You have a lot of stress in your life right now and you may not even be aware when you take and extra bite here and there. Be conscious of what you eat and honestly track your exercise minutes and calories burned.

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5/8/13 5:10 P

thanks everybody for your advice, maybe I'm underestimating something emoticon

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
5/8/13 10:53 A

I would agree that speaking with a medical professional would be your first step.
Secondly, the suggestion regarding weighing/measuring your intake is also valid, as we are all often bad at eyeballing/estimating amounts eaten.

Best wishes, and I hope your situation finally evens out for you.
I realize that the age thing can be a factor (as in my case, as well), but consistency and commitment are key when you reach that stage in life, especially if your doctor gives you a clean bill of health in other areas.

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5/8/13 10:12 A

Stress from grieving can definitely slow down or stall weight loss. Have you had a full physical lately? There could be a hormonal or other reason for your inability to lose weight--menopause and thyroid disorders are the first two that come to mind, but there are a lot of others that can cause issues.

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5/8/13 10:11 A

Two questions:

Do you *think* you're burning the recommended calories, or do you know? What kind of exercise are you doing, and how are you tracking it?

With your calorie *intake* (the more important figure in this equation) how are you tracking that? Are you eyeballing your portions?

If you've gained that much weight, I suspect something else at play here. Either you're overestimating calories burned, underestimating calories eaten, or there's a medical issue at play. Have you talked to your doctor about your weight loss program?

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5/8/13 10:07 A

Hi I'm 49 yrs. old eating now in the middle (approx. 1300 cal.) exercise daily & I think I'm burning the recommended calories on my sparkpage but I'm not loosing in fact I've gained 10 lbs.
Also my Mom is dying a very slowly & my father has passed away 2 yrs. ago. Could this have something to do with it?
Anyway someone please help!!

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