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2/27/13 7:00 P

As for the plowed streets, thats the main highway. Thats 50 miles an hour too, there are walking paths, I dont know how well maintained they are this time of year. The roads are plowed, just hard to get all the way to the bottom. It might be melted by the next week anyways. Its iowa weather, if you dont like it wait 5 minutes, an hour at the most and theirs something different.

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2/27/13 6:55 P

9 inches of snow? I'd run on the plowed street.

That can be a guide, but your own personal preferences will develop.

A caveat: winter running is NOT cheap. Quality clothes are an investment, but will last for years.

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2/27/13 5:42 P

Layers layers layers. Mittens and hat. Whatever you don't need can come off as you go (and then go back on again later if you get chilled). You'll learn pretty quick how much total clothing you need for a given set of conditions.

I would definitely recommend a couple of sets of what the other poster described as "water-wicking" underclothing (tights, top, even underwear and bra if you're feeling spendy). You can get away with cotton down to a certain temperature and duration of exercise, but all your insulation gets lost when the material gets wet and it's easy to get chilled. You can get the good stuff at most sports stores, definitely at any store that specializes in outdoor clothing.

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2/27/13 4:52 P

Target and Old Navy both have good, inexpensive lines of fitness clothing that run into plus sizes, so those would likely be good places to start to look for things.

If snow is common where you are (meaning there's snow on the ground for most of the winter, and the 9 inches you mentioned isn't just a one-off or the result of a particularly bad blizzard or something) you probably want to invest in waterproof hiking shoes - they'll have the support and traction you'll need to deal with snowy terrain, and even though they're technically labelled for hiking, they'll be fine for walking as well. You could also look into getting a pair of walking sneakers (they're usually labelled as such at the store, and you can find them wherever sneakers are sold, from various companies), but I'd be concerned that regular walking shoes aren't tough enough to navigate snow.

As for clothing, I run outside, and I usually wear a pair of running tights (they keep my legs warm and also wick moisture, meaning they keep me from sweating), then I wear either capris or loose fitting yoga or sweatpants over the tights (capris when it's warm, yoga pants when it's in-between, and sweatpants when it's straight-up cold). On top, I dress in layers - usually a tank top that wicks moisture, a t-shirt over it, a fleece or long-sleeve athletic shirt over that, and, if it's really cold, a zip-up vest over everything.

I also ALWAYS wear a hat and gloves - I find that as long as my head and hands are warm, the rest of my body is able to tolerate the cold better.

JCWIAKALA Posts: 347
2/27/13 4:10 P

I can't speak from experience when it comes to 9 inches of snow on the ground, but I do like to run in the cold. For me it's all about the layers. I wear a t-shirt, a fleece pullover, and a hoodie. Gloves would also be a good idea.

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2/27/13 3:54 P


SARAHMO4 Posts: 336
2/27/13 3:51 P

I am thinking about what I need if I want to exercise outside until it warms up. My main concerns are clothing so I dont get too hot or cold, and some kind of shoes for walking at first. I want to try exercising outdoors, with 9 inches of snow outside like today, I cant always figure what wiill keep me warm but still breathable if I get hot. As for warm weather, something that keeps me cool is best. I am one who will try anything, clothing thats available in plus sizes like 18/20 would be helpful too.

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