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2/27/14 6:35 P

I like Whole Foods because they have a wide variety of bulk foods. It's a fun place to shop, I can find a lot of foods I haven't tried before.

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2/27/14 6:23 P

I will Pray for abundance to be sent your way!

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2/27/14 5:11 P

Budgeting and buying in bulk saves us..I have never heard of the one store..I have been in Whole Foods..found the prices a bit spendy for my blood..Winco is a relatively good choice for us is Cash and Carry, and Costco. Glad you are getting paid tomorrow..Budgeting has always been a challenge for me..but when I am true to the budget my dollar goes, I always remember to pay the Lord his share of 10%... Blessings going your way..!

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2/27/14 4:10 P

You have Aldi in US? We have it in UK too. I love shopping at Aldi - get lots of lovely healthy stuff there, but sometimes the wonderful lemon cheesecakes find their way into the trolley. I have to be careful of that. They kind of jump in when I'm not looking. emoticon

2/27/14 4:08 P

Thanks. I live in Virginia. I like to shop at Whole Foods, lots of bulk food there at good prices.

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2/27/14 3:21 P

I'm not sure where you live, but if there is an Aldi near you, that is where we have been getting a lot of quite healthy food at lower costs. Also, bulk foods can be healthy and cheap too. WinCo is another place that has fairly good prices, although you have to watch them a little. Lots of bulk foods there. Thought this might help you stretch your hard-earned dollar a little further.

2/27/14 2:06 P

I'll have to do a better job with budgeting. I'm terrible at it. Good news though...going to start working Sundays as well as Saturday, 16 hours a week. That plus my Social Security Disability will have me doing better.

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2/27/14 1:16 P

I do know the feeling. It is difficult when you have to pay for medicine, food, and bills. My parents would roll over in their graves if they had to pay the prices we do.

2/27/14 1:11 P

Wish I could visit you FAITHP44! Thanks for the invite! I live in the USA. It's okay, I unearthed a bag of brown and wild rice that I'd forgotten about. So much for my no-grain experiment but I have to eat something.

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2/27/14 12:43 P

Oh my goodness carpet crawler. Come for dinner. (I live in Halesowen, West Midlands, UK and I got paid yesterday.) What time should I expect you?

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2/27/14 10:26 A

((hugs)) Do you have a friend that could lend you a couple dollars?

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2/27/14 10:10 A

Believe me, I know the feeling! I had to raid my coin bank to have a little change in my pocket. Indeed, that goodness for payday. Mine is tomorrow as well.

We can make it. Good luck.

2/27/14 10:08 A

At least I get paid tomorrow!

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