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Hi and welcome! First your here so you have already started. Next step is stop beating yourself up cause that is not going to help. Now you need to take control one day at a time one thing at a time, like baby steps. Your food was bad today, how was your water? How was your exercise? For food you should try to eat several meals a day (SMALL) like 5 or 6 and make sure what your eating is healthy, and high in protein. Protein keeps you fuller longer, when you get board and go to reach for food stop and ask yourself a"am I hungry" if the answer is no go for a walk or go for a jog or go to the gym. Maybe you need to start thinking about a buddy or some teams to help you stay accountable and motivated. Hope you have a good journey and remember YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!

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1/29/13 7:45 P

Trying to start is the hardest thing to do. Every day I wake up saying this is the day I will start my diet and I fail every day!!! It's like I'm addicted to food. I'm up 20 lbs and feeling really bad. Any suggestions?

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