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1/29/13 7:27 A

Baked Portobello Pizza
2 large portobello mushroom, stem removed
1 tablespoon spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce or tomato sauce each one
1 tsp of Romano or Parm Cheese
1/2 cup mozzarella cheese
1/2 tablespoon sliced black olives, optional
1 slice of red onion, chopped small
1 clove garlic, chopped or minced
Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.
Place the mushroom on a Pam Olive Oil sprayed baking sheet, and fill the cavity of the portobella with the minced garlic, then add the parm or romano cheese, raw onion, mozzerella and spread sauce in the cup of the cap. Top with parm or romano cheese
Makes 2-3 portobello pizza's

Most cheeses are gluten-free...I have replaced traditional pizza with is sooo good!

Try Vans Gluten free waffles...use the waffles like bread to make a sandwich...I did this for years

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1/22/13 1:21 P

Vitacost carries Edward's and Sons Organic Gluten free coconut flour. I have had great results with it. I also purchase my almond flour from their. FunFresh Foods California Almond Flour Gluten free. Lots of people use or Just don't use Bob's Red Mill. For what ever reason it does not turn out well.

3/4 cup almond flour
1/4 cup coconut flour
1 stick chopped frozen butter
1/4 cup erythritol powdered
5 drops stevia

Cut butter into flours, till it forms a ball. I usually just press into pan. You can roll between parchment paper.

Bake 375. About 20 to 25 minutes .Golden brown.

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1/22/13 11:42 A

Be careful of frutose added in ingredients, it mostly derived from corn.

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1/22/13 4:32 A

I have maple grove farms gluten and wheat free pancake mix which i got at target.

Where did you get coconut flour from tammyokahara?

1/19/13 10:23 A

I use coconut and almond flour. Follow the traditional crust recipe. They work great, taste great and no processed ingredients.

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1/18/13 8:18 P

Where do you buy gluten free Bisquick?

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1/17/13 8:31 A

Thanks for that info. I didn't realize there were so many gluten free options. The Bisquick is an excellent option if you want something gluten free.

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1/17/13 7:43 A

hi came across this thread, i am allergic to all grains including wheat, barley and corn.

was curious as to what exactly sorghum flour is made from and also the same with tapioca starch.

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8/23/12 7:42 A

I dislike the gluten free flours, rice flours, etc. They taste awful to me, but I found Bisquick has a gluten free brand. I love it.

JESSC098 Posts: 106
4/17/12 11:54 P

I like the pre-mixed gluten-free flours available from Azure Standard (

(I also buy GF brown rice pastas from Azure)

The Allergy Free Cookbook (ISBN 978-1-60553-071-0) does offer a GF, Egg-free pizza crust, but it calls for xanthan gum (I'd leave it out, I think you'll be fine, it only calls for 1/2 tsp of Xanthan gum.

Gluten Free Girl also offers this GF pizza crust which doesn't call for any eggs. (If you don't know her blog or books, get to know her. AWESOME).>

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4/16/12 3:58 P

Xanthan gum is corn based, thank-you I did not know that. I do make my own baking powder by combining 1 to 2 of soda and cream of tarter. Cream of Tarter is a by product of grape processing. The 1-2 formula has no filler so takes 3/4 tsp for each tsp needed.
Flax is a no for me and I use the E-Nergy brand of egg replacer. [The flax formula strained and thined works well as a hair gel.]
I will look at our library for the Bette Hagman books.
Thank you, each added bit of knowlege makes cooking easier.

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HMKITTEN Posts: 457
4/10/12 3:34 A

Hrm, this could take some experimentation.

For the flour I suggest taking a gluten free recipe and altering it in the following ways:
flax seeds (ground or flax meal) with warm water for eggs. (I believe it is 1Tbs flax to 2 Tbs water, but you may want to check on the flax bag to make sure)
sorghum flour instead of rice flour.
tapioca starch or potato starch (NOT potato flour) instead of corn starch
make sure that you use guar gum instead of xanthan gum if very intolerant as xanthan gum is made from corn--some people tolerate it, others don't.
Make sure that any baking powder you use does not contain corn starch as a thinner.

As for recipes, I suggest starting with Bette Hagman's books--The Gluten Free Gourmet series.

Good luck, and feel free to toss me an email if you need any specifics, or if things aren't turning out quite like you would like. Baking for special diets is difficult, to say the least, and takes a lot of experimentation to get recipes where you want them. Keep trying!

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3/25/12 5:04 P

QUESTION: recipie
DETAILS: Pizza. Any idea on how I can make a thin crust with out wheat, corn or egg? Also looking for recipie which will make a serving layer for toppings as in open face sandwich but no corn, wheat or egg.. I am working on a pasta flour combination without much sucess yet.
Thank you

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