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6/22/11 11:56 P

I was diagnosed with osteopenia several years ago. My doctor said the best defense is intensive strength exercises. A lot of walking helps legs and hips. Since walking on my hands wouldn't happen, lots of arm exercises with weight helps. This type of exercises helps bone make more bone. I started exercising a lot and my bone density tests haven't changed.

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6/22/11 10:57 P

I just tested my nutrition tracker and discovered that, even though I added calcium to the tracker, that the calcium from the test item did not show up on the nutrition report.

How do I correct this? Who knows, maybe I am getting enough calcium...

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6/22/11 8:58 P

There is an article here on SP about how to increase your calcium intake and you can find it here

Hope that sheds some light.

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6/22/11 6:36 P


I would recommend that you talk with your doctor about this. Unfortunately, our experts and members aren't in the position to offer advice on supplements.


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6/22/11 4:52 P

There definitely ARE calcium (citrate) supplements out there w/o D. I take one, for much the same reason as you, get it at a local store (not a health-food one) and my friend gets hers at Costco, if that's any help.

With osteopenia, exercise is going to be crucial, too, according to my doc. It's like the first high-sugar, pre-diabetic warning--a chance to clean us up and go on better. Good success to you.

6/22/11 4:39 P

My DR put me on Vitamin D [initially a higher dosage and then a daily dosage of 50000u ] last fall. I recently took a bone density test through AARP/Walgreens Wellness Tour [thank you!] and was told that I may have osteopenia.
I noticed, while tracking, that I consistently don't obtain the recommended daily requirement of calcium. I searched for a calcium supplement and discovered they all seem to come with Vitamin D. As I already have this in a prescription form, and in my daily multivitamin, I did not purchase the calcium. I've pretty much switched from regular yogurt to nonfat Greek yogurt [viva Chobani!] and have increased my 'Tiny Tots' sardine consumption, I still don't track enough calcium...

Any suggestions? emoticon emoticon emoticon

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