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9/8/13 6:22 P

I would go back to your doctor and ask for more specifics on what you can and can't do. It would be dangerous for us to speculate on what exercises are safe for you based on your medical condition. You might also ask your doc for a referral to see a different PT. The PT should be able to give you much more detailed information about exercises to try if they are knowledgeable about their job.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

9/8/13 4:55 P

I have degenerative disc disease and it is also painful for me to work on my stomach. I was going to recommend the plank, because that is all I know of thus far, I am in agony after like 15 crunches,but it looks like you already know about that one.
I got a book on amazon called 'Foundation: Redefine Your Core, Conquer Back Pain, and Move with Confidence by Eric Goodman' , it didn't arrive yet, but it got really good reviews, so I have some hope.

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9/8/13 3:52 P

I have a torn L4, a budge in my well as issues with my L4 , L5 S1.sciatic area.
Have done PT and shots to the back.
The Dr said ok to start back baby steps to build my core.
BUT I can not do sit ups, any ideas what else I can do that would work that area?
My PT person was useless said " do it until it hurts then stop"
Since I have been in pain for 9months and seeing several Dr's. this is a crazy answer.
I can manage, crunches, bridges, planks ( ok only get to 20 secs. but its a start) wall squats. but looking to find a replacement for a sit up ( if that is even possible).

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