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3/5/14 4:04 P

Remember, even if you DO break down and put some of that in your mouth you DON'T have to swallow it. I use to have cravings, and I got so I'd take the food in the bathroom and stand in front of the mirror and talk to myself about why I wanted it so much. I knew it was just the TASTE. So, I'd take a bite of say Ice Cream and chew and taste and when I was ready to swallow, I'd spit it out. Yes, sounds gross, but I didn't swallow it and therefore later I didn't have that voice "Harriet" in my head telling me what a failure I was. I'd take bites until I got past the craving, then rinse out the sink, brush my teeth and go get some sugarless gum. It helped to me stop cravings.
So, if you feel you have to have a cookie, remember you CAN spit it out. emoticon

We had Japanese exchange students and they didn't like cookies or candy as they never had a lot of sugar in their diet, so they thought our stuff was really to sweet.

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3/3/14 7:27 P

I have went a whole week without eating candy & cookies,this is a big thing for me hope to make it two weeks

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