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KASTRA Posts: 369
8/13/14 2:35 P

One day under is usually going to be offset by a day or two above (or at least above the minimum). If you look at your week by average, you'll probably find that your average is within range. Even a few days will not throw you off kilter, because when you do feel up to eating, you'll likely have a higher day or two that will balance out those low days.

TIFFFIT Posts: 1,765
8/13/14 12:01 P

Nope--an occasional stray slightly above or below your target won't hurt you in the long run as long as you balance it out. Besides, your target is based on an estimated BMR and is far cry from completely accurate; it's just a best-guess.
So keep plugging along and make it a goal to stay around the middle of your ranges and you'll be fine!

8/13/14 10:12 A

Yesterday i was about 25 calories under 1200. after dinner (chicken breast, parmesan style, green beans with almonds, and a salad with fruit) i was still like 200+ under calories so i made half a pb&j sandwhich and was STILL under. but by then i was stuffed and i didnt want to eat more before bed so i just left it alone.

i know you're not supposed to go under 1200 but i figured it's only 25 cal, that cant be TOO horrible, right?

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